China LED products in India “out of favor”

Recently, the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Assocham (ASDF) released a survey report, the report shows this year during the Lantern Festival, from the Chinese decorative products (such as lamps, gifts, wall, etc.) sales are likely to decrease by 40% -45%.

China LED products in India "out of favor"

In addition to lighting products, the sales of electronic products made in China also declined slightly during the 2017 Pole Festival, and the data showed that demand for LCD monitors, mobile phones and other electronic products made in China fell by 15% to 20%. According to the survey, Indian people prefer local products rather than Chinese products. Some sellers say most Indian customers are asking to buy Indian lights.

The report said: “Although the market for China’s high-end lamps manufacturing demand is huge, but also reduced, and because of the quality of Chinese products, problems, sellers do not want to sell any Chinese goods to do security compared to China’s firecrackers, the firecrackers produced by Milner Debon are more popular.