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Ph.D. (PhD), in-service, Dr. (professional degree), honorary doctorate and so on. Strictly speaking, Dr. to be divided into two categories, being read has not yet received his Ph.D. students, can only be called a PhD; has received a doctorate personnel, is the true sense of the PhD. Ancient Guan Ming, is now the name of the degree. Qin and Han dynasties in charge of the books Wen-tien, proficiency in the official position of the historical events, the latter designed to pass upon or proficient in an Arts, engaged in the teaching of students only in the academic official.

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“Doctor” was first a Guan Ming, first appeared 2,000 years ago in the Warring States era, responsible for the custody of documents and archives, compiled writings, palm through ancient and modern, to impart knowledge to nurture talent. The Qin There are 70 people. Early Han along the set. Of rank more than 600 stone, is a Feng Chang. Han Dynasty, also established a five-Dr Dr. academia and government to become specialized teaching of Confucian Classics. The early Han Dynasty, the “easy” book “Poems” and “Ceremony”, “Spring and Autumn” Every time there was a set of a PhD, it is called the five-Dr. Sima Qian in the Records upright officials Biography public instrument Hugh, Lu Dr. Lu phase to the higher. ”

The Qin Dynasty, Dr. officer in charge of the national past and present historical events as well as books and judgments. To the Tang dynasty, specifically proficient in a particular occupation called “Dr.”, such as “MD,” Dr. arithmetic “. Song, attendant services Dr. Tea industry known as “Dr.”. “Travelog smell in mind that” tea “section reads:” life slave child to get money 30 Man, remuneration Jianchaling Dr..
Qin Shi Huang era, due to the brutal dictatorship, triggering Chen Sheng and Wu Guang uprising, peasant army siege to account for government, the news reached the palace, dissolute and incompetent Emperor Qin Hu Hai convened by the Minister to discuss countermeasures. Zhongjie played, it should be “to send troops to suppress peasant uprising. But alone SHUSUN Tong emperor face unhappy, so they jumped on the bandwagon whispered compliments, said the emperor wise, the Renai Quartet, dignified and honorable, and those guilty of rebellion can not become what climate, this matter is why disturb the emperor ? The emperor listened to SHUSUN Tong, more arrogant pride, the suggestions of people arrested, while SHUSUN Tong much reward, and promoted him as “Dr. officer.
“Doctor” refers to academic senior personnel to obtain advanced degrees in this sentence does not even if it is not academic, business, there still is Dr. doctorate; academic senior personnel with a master’s degree, or not called Dr. “Doctor”, refers to the degree of “Doctor”.