Household LED lighting more affordable

LED lights quickly replace the traditional light incandescent, energy-saving lamps. Its energy saving and environmental protection is the megatrell and a strong impetus to technological innovation.

Household LED lighting more affordable

“Now households renovate new homes, incandescent lamps have not been considered, mainly with LED lights and energy-saving lamps. LED lamp prices with energy-saving lamps, compared to more energy-efficient, more grade, generally we recommend customers to buy LED lights. District Wuzhou Street Dragon Lighting market operators Liu Jun said.

We found that the LED lights on the market not only price-friendly, but also more and more varieties. Time back to two or three years ago, when the 5-watt LED lights, the price is 3 to 4 times the same brightness of energy-saving lamps. In recent years, the upstream chip prices fell at about 30% a year, the cost of LED lights generally declined. The current price of LED lights have basically flat with energy-saving lamps, LED lights thus entering the stage of a comprehensive alternative to traditional lighting products. We see on Taobao Web, the larger sales of light bulbs are mainly LED lights, including a 3 installed Opal lighting price of 17.9 RMB for 3 watt LED bulbs, the recent monthly sales of nearly 30,000.

“LED lights are similar in price to energy-saving lamps, and customers naturally prefer LED lights.” According to market sources, as the production technology of LED products continues to mature, prices will fall further and market competitiveness will also become stronger and stronger. We have noticed that nowadays, interior decoration light source used by interior decoration households has become the mainstream. A few years ago called “high-end electronic equipment LED Light” has entered the homes of ordinary people.

It is estimated that the life of LED lights is about 3 times than the energy-saving lamps, the same brightness of LED lights, power consumption is only about 60% of energy-saving lamps. In accordance with the program of price ladder, the annual electricity consumption of residents is divided into three steps of ladder-type, progressively increases, multi-electricity will be charged at a higher unit price, which will inevitably promote the residents to use more energy-efficient LED lights.