Jiangxi promotes the LED lamps in public places

Reporters from the save energy and resources work conference of province’s public institutions, it’s informed that in the save energy resources assessment of the national “second Five-Year” public institutions, Jiangxi Province, ranked second overall score, energy-saving transformation work significantly, in the public focus on the cumulative promotion of more than 300 million LED lamps, then, Jiangxi Province will also universally popularize LED lighting at all levels of public institutions.

Jiangxi promotes the LED lamps in public places

Over the past five years, the cumulative promotion of LED lamps more than 300 million

According to reports, the past five years, the province carried out a wide range of energy-saving and new technologies, new products, new energy applications, increase urban lighting, sports and cultural venues, office buildings and other key places to promote LED lighting, LED lighting more than 300 million. At the same time, government increased the intensity of new energy vehicles to promote and improve the supporting infrastructure construction, and to promote a number of new energy vehicles.

The next step, our province will actively promote and apply efficient lighting products, water-saving appliances and energy-saving equipment and facilities. Increase the intensity of LED lightingat all levels of public institutions to universal LED lighting. Speed ​​up the elimination of the state ban on the high energy consumption, high pollution products and equipment, and actively carry out public institutions of coal-fired boiler transformation, in the conditional areas to phase out coal-fired boilers.

Government investment in new buildings should have photovoltaic power generation capacity on roof in principle

Our province will also actively promote comprehensive implementation of green building standards on the office building, schools, hospitals, museums, science and technology museums, gymnasium and so on, and to encourage other public institutions in accordance with green building standards for planning and construction.

Government promotes the use of solar photovoltaic, light and other renewable energy applications to encourage the use of contract energy management and PPP model in the public building roof installed photovoltaic power generation system. By the government invest the construction of new buildings, in principle, the roof should have the ability to carry photovoltaic power generation system. Promote heat pump technology, in the conditional public institutions to implement ground, water, air source heat pump demonstration project.

At the end of this year more than 50% of the provincial authorities to build water-saving units

According to the plan, our province will establish a public agency energy efficiency leader evaluation standard system, in the administrative organs, schools, hospitals classification efficiency leader. At the same time, improve the water-saving benchmarking unit recommended selection mechanism to ensure that more than 50% of the provincial authorities and more than 30% of the city-level institutions to build water-saving units in 2020. All provincial and municipal authorities and more than 50% provincial and municipal institutions build water-saving units.

In addition, the province will promote public institutions to build public bicycle outlets, increase the intensity of new energy vehicles to gradually improve the proportion of new vehicles in urban government agencies, of which the new energy vehicles to promote the use of and public institutions is not lower than 30%; in the conditional public institutions within the parking lot to build the charging infrastructure, with a proportion of not less than 10%.

At the meeting, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Department of Finance, Provincial Office of Housing and Urban made a live speech, clear the “The thirteenth Five-Year Plan” energy saving task.