LED packaging prices stabilize in May

According to statistics, in May the global LED bulb prices steadily lower, to replace the 60 watt, 40 watt incandescent LED bulb average decline between 0.9 to 1.6%; at the same time due to strong demand for LED lighting, LED packaging prices in mainland China stabilized in May.

LED packaging prices stabilize in May

LED filament lamp bulbs are still hot on selling in Europe and the United States. Then Philips launches the 4 LED filament light bulbs in February. There are several new products in May, and the retail price is lower than the average market price.

Although the mainland chip production capacity continued to release at second quarter, but the downstream market demand is still strong. LED chips are still in short supply. Chip prices are steady, associated with the mainland LED packaging prices remain stable. Under the flat price, manufacturers continue to pursue the ultimate efficiency. A number of international manufacturers of small and medium power LED products such as 5630LED, 3030LED light effect has reached 215 to 220 lumens per watt.

In the replacement of part of 60 watts, the United States fell the largest decline of 5.3%. Many manufacturers are taking low-cost strategy to grab the market. In Germany prices fell 1.5%, the Asian region, Japan, mainland China and Taiwan prices are more stable.

To replace the 40-watt portion, Europe and the United States prices continued to fall in May, of which the US region fell by 3.3%; Germany prices fell 3.5%, promotion led some product prices fell significantly. As for the Asian region, mainland China prices fell 2.8%, including Philips, Foshan lighting and other well-known manufacturers are lowering part of the product price; Japan prices fell 3.9%, Taiwan, South Korea was flat.