LED street lights apply for energy-saving certification notice

There are some differences between the energy saving certification requirements and safety certification requirements of LED street lamps, which are often overlooked in the certification process. This often leads to changes in the safety certification certificates after the safety certification has been certified. The main differences are as follows:

LED street lights apply for energy-saving certification notice

First, mark

In addition to complying with the requirements of Chapter 5 of GB 7000.203-2013, LED street lights should be marked with the following signs clearly and durably:

1, model, specifications (rated luminous flux and rated correlated color temperature);

2, rated power supply voltage and power frequency, power supply current, rated power, power factor;

3, installation of adjustable angle LED street lights, need to mark the appropriate adjustment angle.

In addition to the above mandatory markings, the following applicable contents should also be marked on the luminaire or marked in the instructions of the product manufacturer or responsible distributor if necessary:

1, the applicable power supply voltage range;

2, external dimensions and weight;

3. The model specification and manufacturer of the control device that can be used;

4, if the installation angle can be adjusted, the meaning of the corresponding mark on the product;

5. Installation conditions, including: road category, road width, number of lanes, road surface materials, layout, installation height, 6, lamp pole installation spacing, cantilever length and elevation angle, etc.

Second, dust, solid foreign body and waterproof

LED street light IP protection class should be IP65 or IP66.

Three, weight

For different LED street light specifications, the product weight should not exceed the limit in Table 1:

Fourth, the application of work requirements

In the 90-110% of the rated power supply voltage range should be able to work normally, in the -30 °C ~ 45 °C conditions should be able to work properly, while the LED street lamp should meet the specific use of the occasion of the ambient temperature requirements, humidity and corrosion and other special requirements .