LED subway lights become the “escort” for the subway operation

In order to promote the level of urban development, Shanghai’s subway construction leads in the forefront of the world. Its subway operating mileage ranks first in the world. In 2017, three subway lines (Line 8 three period, Line 9 three period and Line 17) is going to open. It is the epitome of the domestic subway construction boom, with the supporting facilities in the subway, subway LED lighting is an important part in the operation of the subway.


Subway is the city’s “big power”, who has a lot of room for improvement in energy-saving emission reduction and resource utilization in this area. With the features of “high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, small light decline “, LED new subway lights change the traditional way of light, the use of curved multiple reflection principle, from multi-point light to “high-bright light”, light efficiency have greatly been improved than in the past, which of consumption is under control of 40W. At present, China has 28 cities to open the subway, the number of subway stations is very large. It is considerable for low-power high-efficiency subway LED lamps to promote the energy-saving effect.

Subway station is not only the place where people travel by car, but also the cultural image of the window. With full of artistic atmosphere, it shows the cultural and creative subway lighting loved by increasing people, finally becoming a beautiful “business card” subway. Shanghai LED in the subway creative lighting has done quite well and has achievement in the Shanghai Metro, Shenzhen Metro, Hangzhou Metro, Zhengzhou Metro and other lines. Through the visual effects design, a light LED subway lights together to form a unique charm of the lighting landscape and bring artistic beauty for the people.

At present, China’s subway construction is rapidly advancing, it is understood that during the 13th Five-Year Plan, there will be more than 50 cities opened urban rail transit. Operating mileage is expected to reach 6,000 km and its investment scale of 2 trillion, which brings great importance in promoting the rapid development of LED subway lighting market. Shanghai LED as the representative of the subway LED lighting system solutions provider, strives to provide more efficient, more energy efficient, more comfortable lighting products, therefore to promote the development of China’s subway business.