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Legend™ 1200E LED Wash Lights

Legend™ 1200E LED Stage Lights Wash Lights

is fully electronic. two 7-color wheels, and lighter-than-average in its class, It is equally efficient at accomplishing audience sweeps where a tighter beam is preferred and on stage when a wider wash is needed
. full CMY color mixing and variable CTC, Distinctive attributes include a smooth linear zoom,The Legend? 1200E Wash is the moving yoke wash counterpart of the Legend? 1200E Spot and likewise, full-featured


Legend™ 1200E LED Wash Lights

• DMX connectors: 3-pin & 5-pin
• Pan & tilt: 540° / 270°
• Gobo size: 37.3 mm outside, 30 mm image, 5 mm max thickness
• Source: Philips MSR Gold 1,200 W FastFit™, 750 hours
• Beam angle: 5.6°~20.75°
• Lux: 104,200 (5.6°) – 6,000 (20.75°) @ 5 m
• Power Consumption 120 V, 60 Hz: N/A
• Power Consumption 120 V, 60 Hz: 1,584 W, 7.11 A (operating), 3.8 A (inrush), PF: 0.92
• Dimensions: 20.5 x 21.2 x 31.6 in ( 521 x 539 x 803 mm)
• Weight: 82.05 lbs (37.22 kg)
• Certification: CE
• Environment: IP20, indoor/dry
• Control: W-DMX transmitter/receiver

light blue, green, color, pink, prism, light green, Seven colors + white (5. magenta. orange, 540°
Tilt,600 K, lamp on/off and vector speed adjustments
Built-in movement macros with range adjustments
Built-in color macros
3-pin and 5-pin DMX connections
User-configurable lamp ignition delay
User-configurable maintenance reminder
Electronic ballast with power factor correction
Electronic power supply
Automatic pan & tilt correction
Pan & tilt locks
Lamp & fixture use timers
Power saver mode
, shutter, focus
Remote fixture reset,000 K)
CMY color mixing system with vector speed adjustments
Variable shutter
Variable 16-bit dimming (0~100%)
Linear zoom (5,200 K~6, Seven colors + white (red,
light yellow: 270°
Colors Wheel 1, gobo,75°)
Individual reset of pan/tilt, DMX channels, magenta, blue,
and UV) Split/linear colors – Rainbow color spin at variable speed
Colors Wheel 2: pink: and dark blue) Split/linear colors – Rainbow spin at
variable speed
Variable CTC filter (3: 16 or 21