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Master is a range of bachelor’s and doctoral graduate degree, has a master’s degree is usually a symbol based on independent thinking. Master’s courses are usually arranged after the Bachelor, in general full-time Master’s program requires two years time, but with the different countries and departments, and some master as long as a year can be made, while others take three to four years. Some countries to take the bachelor, master and consistent system of the academic system, such as Germany, Austria, and the implementation of the countries of the Anglo-American school system, there are many start-up has always been educational system, to shorten the students graduate from high school to master schedule. Some master’s courses such as MBA and other, in addition to the Bachelor of qualifications, usually also require a number of years work experience. In most countries, the Master is the basic threshold of the doctoral degree.

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Master of the call originated in the Five Dynasties, referring to the high moral character and profound erudition, but has not been official. The ancients said, Master those, also. Used similar to the Master of the meaning of the ancient “old master”, “Master of Confucianism.” The learned scholar.
Chinese national education sequence in accordance with the level of hierarchy, is divided into basic and higher education. Basic education is the national basic education, including early childhood education, primary education, junior high school education and high school education. Higher education is to train senior personnel of the community education, including higher college, undergraduate and graduate education.
The graduate students are divided into two levels: graduate and doctoral graduate students. Graduate degree, bachelors, masters, Ph.D. is a degree. Post-doctoral degree, but rather allowed to enter the doctoral research center engaged in scientific research doctorate recipients. The postdoctoral said a work experience. Therefore, we say “graduate” refers to the postgraduate and doctoral students. For undergraduate students, referred to “graduate” usually refers to graduate. Graduate students mentioned in this manual refers to graduate.
In mainland China, ordinary people generally will master graduates referred to as “graduate” PhD graduates known as “Dr.”, so, in accordance with commonly known, became a “college students” – “Graduate” – “Dr. “the ladder.

National Postgraduate more complex types, can be divided from the point of view.
According to different learning methods, divided into full-time graduate and postgraduate. The former refers to the graduate to assume certain tasks still to work during their studies; the latter refers to full-time graduate students in learning in institutions of higher learning and research institutions.
Different enrollment management, academic education of graduate students and non-degree education graduate. The former refers to the uniform national entrance examination (including the recommended exemption for fresh graduates and part of the Higher Education Ministry of Education approved a separate entrance examination for self-organization), is admitted, the graduate student status. Graduation courses and thesis degree requirements of the Ordinance, will receive the diploma and degree certificate of the Master. The latter refers not to participate in the uniform national entrance examination, enrollment. Students to participate in graduate courses Seminar on learning, completing courses in the teaching programs, and through uniform national equivalent for a unified national examination for the master’s degree in foreign languages ??and disciplinary level, the qualifications to apply for graduate, and then through the master’s thesis, you can Earn your degree, but did not graduate diploma. Is often said that postgraduate.