Selection of Household LED Lighting Design

Household lighting design has a huge impact on the quality of home improvement on the whole. After a day’s work, come home, the moment turn on the light, the warm and romantic atmosphere is oncoming and a full day fatigue will disappear without a trace. So when we do household decoration, how should we design it?

Selection of Household LED Lighting Design

  1 , lighting design in living room:

Open the door of the house, the first entry is the living room. The living room is not only a family place to relax, but also a meeting place parlor. In the design of lighting, lighting should be bright, practical and beautiful. Therefore, in the selection of LED lighting, you can use a bright LED chandelier or ceiling made ??based lighting, and then with some auxiliary lighting, such as LED down lights, LED lights, LED ceiling light and so on. You can also add some invisible LED spotlights on the wall.

  2 , lighting design in dining room:

Lighting of the dining room is mainly for the table, requiring soft tones and quiet to create a comfortable dining environment. The lighting is necessary not only to ensure the brightness and color that we can see the food, but also match in with the dining tables and chairs around. Dining rooms can choose chandelier lighting and you can use warm color LED candle lamp or LED bulb as the light source of the chandelier lamp.

  3 lighting design in bedroom;

The main bedroom is a place to sleep and rest, and therefore requires soft lighting with no glare, conducive to sleep. It is suggested to use LED ceiling does not have high brightness and wall lamp can be installed on the dresser. Beside the bed a table lamp can be equipped for reading before sleep.

 4 , lighting design in study room:

Study room is mainly used to read and work, so the main lamp needs to be bright light to slow eye fatigue, plus background light to make the room more comfortable. Recommendations is choosing simple shapes bright LED ceiling lights mounted on the roof of the center and adding LED down lights as auxiliary lighting.