t4 led tube and led down lights

Although the price factor constraints widely promote the use of high power LED, high reliability, high power LED, significant savings in future maintenance and replacement costs. Colorful, and other sources can not achieve this effect. Easy to control, digital control technology, to achieve dynamic lighting effects. LED Downlight is embedded into the ceiling light shooting style lighting. Its biggest feature is the ability to maintain the overall unity and perfection of the architectural decoration, lighting settings destruction of the perfect unity of the ceiling art. It uses high power LED (t4 led tube) as light source, the visual effects of soft, uniform. LED is the future of green lighting products. Furthermore, LED have the advantages of energy-saving plays an increasingly important role in the development trend of the downlight light.

t4 led tube and led down lights

High-power LED Downlight in the early input costs to be higher than traditional lighting, but after prolonged use, the consumption of the total cost will be lower than traditional lamps. Therefore, using high-power LED Downlight in significantly superior to the traditional incandescent light. And because of the high-power LED constant current drive, no flicker, long working environment eye fatigue. High-power LED is characterized by:

1 less power consumption, high power LED (t4 led tube) : light efficiency 65Lm / W of LED is more than equal to the brightness of incandescent power consumption savings of 80%.

2 long life, high power LED: LED life up to 50000h, 24 hours of continuous light available to seven years.

3 high power LED response speed approaching nanoseconds, the dynamic of brightness and color easy to control, to achieve the dynamic change of the digital control of color.

4 high-power LED design: buildings can be a good match to achieve the effect I saw the light but not light.

5 high-power LED clean and green: no toxic metals mercury, infrared and ultraviolet radiation.

Color: different wavelengths produce different colored light, bright and saturated, no filter, the formation of red, green, and blue control is available in different colors, and can achieve the effect of full-color, gradient, and a variety of colors.

High-power LED  (t4 led tube) to replace the incandescent light source showed the advantages of energy saving and long life incandescent and some other traditional light sources in many technical aspects of room for improvement is very small, the LED lamps to replace or replacement of existing lighting halogen bulbs in the downlights, light bulbs, gas discharge, incandescent light bulbs, luminous efficiency of LED downlights improve the efficiency of traditional lamps, but, due to the higher initial purchase cost, compared with fluorescent lamps, energy saving lamps, the energy saving effect is not very clear.