Unique design, artificial LED moon lights

 LED moon lights (10)

This artificial moon vivid, as the bright crescent moon. As a whole consists of two parts, by the single piece of white acrylic shell and the white LED surface light source, using the most advanced led lights, luminous uniform, safe, reliable, batteries can be lit for a long time. According to the requirements made ​​of small, large, and very large, in the bedroom, height, and an outdoor plaza. This is an ideal romantic manufacturing tools, to fully experience the feeling of close contact and the moon.

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Moon always brought us endless reverie, every time looking at the stars at night, that a bright moon always is abandon the distractions, that the moonlight seems to shine into our hearts, even a moment of Tianranlet me endless obsession, sometimes think, if they can have their own curved crescent would be great.
Two Russian artists LeonidTishkov and the BorisBendikow using LED technology, co-produced “Private Moon”, and it captured the breathtaking beauty of the picture.

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