why led lighting is better?

With energy saving, environmental protection, long life, small size and other characteristics, LED High bay now can be widely applied in various directions, display, decoration, backlighting, general lighting and urban night. LED with solar panels in the field of road lighting effective combination to create new markets for photovoltaic applications and LED combination.  However, if we want the solar LED to achieve large-scale application, we must resolve issues such as cost, standard. why led lighting?
The LED lighting market prospect is very broad,  It is estimated that 30 percent of the world’s street lights will be turned to the use of solar LED integrated lighting system can save 460 billion kwh of electricity consumption per year. LED lamps will become one of the direction of development, but its performance instability, high cost, short life are still the problems to be overcome. Promotion in recent years, the solar LED lights, solar and LED lighting to find the point of integration. Solar LED street lights solar panels and a dedicated battery, while the ordinary sodium lamps replaced with LED lamps. why led lighting?

why led lighting is better?
Solar street light take the control of a distributed circuit, the lights off, the energy conversion used in all the intelligent control, without manual operation, thereby reducing maintenance costs.
Solar LED street lights, compared with the high-power LED, low power LED costs are also full of advantages. Power consumption of high-power LED, matching the area of ​​solar panels increases the capacity of the battery, and therefore costs. The low-power LED street lights only
2/3 of the cost of high-power LED street. Compared with high-power LED lighting systems, low-power LED lighting systems could save 40% heat sink materials. In addition, ultraviolet and infrared spectra of small power LED, heat and radiation, is a typical green lighting. why led lighting?

Also, single power LED does not light, does not affect the normal light-emitting panel other diode when the circuit board due to fatigue or other reasons can not continue to use. You can replace the entire board, easy maintenance and reduce costs. Reporters told that the data show that in 2010 to install 220,000 solar power LED lights, the use of a large number of aluminum. If using low-power LED as light source, you can save aluminum ingots 39,600 tons.