Zhaoqing magnetic suspension LED bulb boarded the United States “Time”

Recently, Zhaoqing High-tech Zone, a company invented the magnetic levitation lamp boarded this year, the United States, “Times”, which is a kind of light bulb? Reporters recently came to the enterprise to find out.

Zhaoqing magnetic suspension LED bulb boarded the United States "Time"

In Zhaoqing High-tech Zone Zhaoqing Hengyi Industrial Company exhibition hall, the reporter saw this very creative product – called “Flyte” magnetic levitation bulb, it is composed of an LED bulb and wireless power receiver common components suspended in the air. And in the base of the bulb contains an electromagnet. In the wooden base connecting the wires, there is a wireless power transmitter and another electromagnet. The staff put the light bulb on the base, and slowly release it, you will see the light bulb slowly rising, and firmly suspended in the air.

Liangqing Li, general manager of the company told reporters, 2016 maglev bulb published in the United States, “Time”, became the weekly publication of one of the 25 major scientific and technological inventions. Maglev bulb is made of fireproof material, the monthly consumption of about twice the power, floating light bulb to rely on the characteristics of magnetic, power after the bulb floating up. At the same time, it will magnetic levitation, wireless charging and excellent product design are combined together, the combination of technology and design to instantly enhance the beauty and creativity of the home. The bulb will hover over its base and illuminate the room in a unique way.