Advantages of high voltage LED lights

  Since the advent of the term high voltage LED , there is no doubt it is a new LED varieties , but also has many advantages. Some people even think that it would make today's " low LED" will fade out of the future of the LED general lighting market "high LED" will dominate the future of the LED general lighting . High LED lamps advantages:

Advantages of high voltage LED lights

  ( 1 ) high light efficiency . It is a small chip from the concatenation of multi-core , through the actual test with ordinary light efficiency with higher wattage light source to be 5-10% .

  ( 2 ) low power requirements . Power costs and the high failure rate of development of the industry in recent years has been hampered by the primary problem , and high-voltage LED does, has inherent advantages , through a small number of light sources with linear constant current driver can achieve the perfect LED efficient and safe stable job.

  ( 3 ) linear power combined with cost savings . Speaking of which some may say that the linear constant current power supply , low efficiency, in fact, depends on how you go with the last two years on the market , there were many linear constant current driver IC performance are pretty good , I have tested a linear constant current IC called RY8201 its efficiency up to 0.9. Because linear constant current IC is smaller, and less absolute advantage peripheral components can be part of the power drive system to do directly above the PCB , thus eliminating the mounted power supply warehouse space and loading ( also the power to do absolutely ) and other related link , making cost control, warehousing, production , delivery and other cost advantages highlighted.

  ( 4 ) the light source section superiority. As the traditional sources are low VF value only through the N multi- string and after use, and welding labor costs remain high, and poor welding product after another , thus affecting the production capacity and bring a lot of secondary costs.

  ( 5 ) The light fades . Because traditional light string N through N and the way made ??known , VF inconsistent light , and together, will result in the load on the power source is different , resulting in premature aging or dead part of the light source lamp , resulting in whole lamp light decay acceleration. The high-pressure lamp beads multi-string approach is adopted , easy to solve these problems.


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