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LED lamps illuminate the 2014 China's Got Talent

2014-01-20 10:51

  The 2014 China's Got Talent started on January 10. China's Got Talent this year in Shanghai trials unique, high-end Western style of Shanghai Himalayas Art Centre.
  Entire top theater illuminated by 12 LED honeycomb lamp panel shapes and sizes , each LED lamp panel and by a number of cellular honeycomb lamp points patchwork mosaic . Medallions with big beautiful bright red decor inside the formation mingled with Brilliance gorgeous effect , upscale and atmospheric , noble and elegant.
LED lamps illuminate the 2014 China's Got Talent
  The cellular Medallions of high quality LED chips as the light source , through innovative design , selection of unique drive control scheme , so that each pixel in the cellular lights can be controlled by the individual , thus , the entire Medallions can show different gray and brightness. Medallions can also accept a variety of different display, the scene can be displayed according to different lighting effects, but also display shades of affordable , monochrome ink painting style " galloping horse " of a different picture , demonstrating both lamps paragraph diverse functional and decorative lighting , pretty unique cellular Medallions pleasure and novelty of the audience senses . As a fourth -generation LED green light, the cellular Medallions with soft colors, high light efficiency, ease of control and energy saving effect is remarkable characteristics, the user's favorite and won praise .
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