OSRAM focus on LED frontier technology

"2017 OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Solid State Lighting Innovative Product Technology Seminar" was successfully held in Shenzhen. This event is the third leg of the series of seminars, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Greater China General lighting sales person in charge of Dr. Shao Jiaping, application of technology, Dr. Chen Wencheng, head of marketing, Mr. Wu Sen and senior industry researcher attended and spoke, And the scene of the industry to communicate with the industry trends and OSRAM Opto Semiconductors latest developments.

OSRAM focus on LED frontier technology

Focus on the LED market, and constantly develop LED cutting-edge technology, which is the key to the development of Osram, review the development of Osram in recent years, technology and patent advantages, continuous investment in research and development, rapid response to market demand is OSRAM has been the strength. "But at the same time, in order to cope with the degree of industry convergence and industrial scale enhancement, OSRAM also began to actively expand the scale," the upcoming launch of China's Wuxi LED packaging plant two expansion project, and is expected to put into operation in December this year, Malaysia, Show us the expansion of production scale, stride forward ambitions.

LED technology continues to develop mature, more diverse market demand, how through technological innovation, to ensure the ultimate performance and quality of LED devices, has become the core of the major manufacturers to win. "LED device is the core of the substrate, chip, phosphor and packaging technology and quality, we have in these four levels have the core technology to protect our quality. The future of LED technology breakthrough mainly from the phosphor technology, We have the most advanced phosphor technology and patents, so that we have confidence in the future development.

Subsequently, LED senior industry researcher introduced the post-LED lighting generation of the most development potential of the 2835 package platform, filament light and COB commercial lighting development trend. He said that the 2835 package platform cost-effective excellence, the price of fierce competition, only the enterprise has a patent, in order to avoid falling into the quagmire of price competition; filament since its launch in 2012, from only for small power lamps, the development of decorative lights, incandescent Lamp replacement lamp, and even expected to be developed by 2020 as a fluorescent lamp replacement lamp diversification purposes, to the filament lamp to add more value, good differentiation direction, is to expand the filament light market secret; and for COB commercial lighting , The storage of Mr. Chao also believes that as more manufacturers into the field of COB, the price of the product also has a downward trend, the key to the development of COB market is to adhere to differentiate, make more high-end, specially designed for different scenes of the product.


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