Who will be the king of China 's LED lighting business in 2017

In the LED Industry, NVC, Opple, Foshan Lighting are waiting to see the traditional Legion. To Op, for example, compared NVC in the LED business as a hot, the past few years Opple relatively low-key on the LED, by the huge inventory burden, channel compatibility, channel "aggressive" and other factors, Op launched LED comparison late. Industry sources, the current Opple LED lighting products accounted for less than 40% of the proportion, and mainly concentrated in the business area.

Who will be the king of China 's LED lighting business in 2017

In the field of home lighting, Opple, Juhao, Huatai are still at the front line, and the emerging home lighting, such as billion light, Fortes (dead) and so continue to beat "brother" status; commercial lighting NVC, Dayton, office lighting, three male Aurora, rectangular, wood Linsen, Tao and other broadcast each other.

Traditional big brother's "calm", so that the industry for a time the mountains without "tiger", "monkey" to call the king, such as wood and other new manufacturers exceptionally eye-catching Linsen. At present, Linsen bulbs and lamps and other mainstream products, monthly production capacity reached more than 2 million, and with the expansion of scale, product prices will bring 5% to 10% of the decline in market share will be further expanded.

Scale! scale! scale! This is the era of shuffling LED business aspirations. This year is LED light source enterprises set pattern year, with cost and scale as the basis of the army mode, open the end of the brand of the separatist era, poke the clouds, core brands and second-tier brands constitute the "Warring States" more clear.


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