China LED lighting growing very fast

  LED current growth rate is very fast, especially in China, the market presents the trend of the outbreak, "In fact, each year in the outbreak, this state will last forever, like in 2000, when the state of energy-saving lamps."

 China LED lighting growing very fast

  Today, China has become one of the largest markets in the world consumption of LED devices, but also one of the market up to use LED products, consumption has surpassed the U.S. as the global LED manufacturing base in China for more than 80% of all "Japan's market share is already very high, especially after the tsunami., like Latin America, Europe, the United States, with China, the entire demand is rising rapidly.

  Different lighting applications, LED presents a high-power, low power, and so the situation. Progress and development of packaging technology is more than two years LED main drivers of performance, LED price drop has exceeded the speed of performance improvement, so how to create greater value is a very important issue.


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