China LED lighting products export growth rising

  CSA Research recently released the second part of 2014, "China LED lighting products exported quarterly (2014Q2)" The report shows that the first half of 2014, China's LED lighting products exports continued to maintain high-speed growth, LED lighting products exports increased by up to 135 percent, total exports of LED lighting products $ 4.35 billion. And the last three years (2011-2013), China's LED lighting products export compound annual growth rate is more than 200%, so the growth rate is sharper in our various export-oriented industries in the (Customs data show that China's 2014 overall export growth of only 1.1 percent in the first half; overall lighting products export growth of about 16%).

 China LED lighting products export growth rising

  However, growth in emerging markets is still far higher than the overall average. According CSAResearch statistical analysis, the first half of 2014, the growth rate of 351.33 percent market BRIC countries, ASEAN 11 countries overall export growth 248.3%, several countries in the Middle East (UAE, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Yemen, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey) growth rate of 690%, while the growth rate of 165% Baltic countries, and even just the development of Mexico, Chile, growth, African countries are also impressive.

  From the accounting point of view, the traditional European, American and Japanese markets while still maintaining the three growth rate of around 100%, but its share in the global market has continued to decline. 2014 three major export market share of global market share of approximately 49%, compared with 54% at the end of 2013, a decrease of 5 percentage points. The market share of the three had reached 65 percent in 2011. In fact, the European Union and the United States still maintain a high growth, but the importance of the Japanese market has been declining in recent years of growth close to stagnation (2014, six months overall growth rate of only 18%), from the 2011 first after the big market power status is beyond the United States, 2014 was overtaken by Russia, dropped to third.

  On the other hand, accounted for by the BRIC countries, ASEAN, Middle East, emerging markets represented 18% in 2013 but never increased to 22% in the first half of 2014. In 2011 the market share of the BRIC countries is only 4.77%, in 2014 has risen to 9%. One of the most noteworthy is that the Russian market, as the world's largest country, Russia contains a huge market potential. In the nine months to keep exports up 600 percent growth rate, the 2014 second quarter, Russia to pose dark horse in one fell swoop over Japan emerged as the second largest export market of LED lighting products.


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