Flip-chip LED lighting performance advantage

  From last year to this year, Flip LED chip technology has to improve luminous efficiency, improve heat dissipation and reduce the cost per lumen advantage in the LED industry can be really fire up.

 Flip-chip LED lighting performance advantage

  According to the reporter, and suits and vertical structure compared to the use of Flip-chip, easier to achieve ultra-high-power chip-level modules, multiple functions integrated chip light source technology, the LED chip module yield and performance have a greater advantage.

  "Flip-chip has good heat dissipation, low voltage, high brightness, high reliability, high saturation current density and so on." A company official told reporters.

  It is understood that many years ago, there are many enterprises in the Flip-chip technology and research and development, and seven years ago, Philips had large quantities using Flip-chip. Flip-chip technology can greatly improve the stability of the product and quality, crystalline solid has a larger and higher welding currents past, lumens per watt value will be greatly enhanced.

  CREE Chinese market promotion director, said senior market, whether it is being installed technology, Flip-chip, or free packaging technology and other technology roadmap efforts in the direction, no nothing more than for the smaller LED chip area greater tolerance The current drive for higher flux and be thin, resulting in better performance.


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