LED lighting has become the mainstream

  2013 global lighting output value amounted to approximately 1,116 billion, estimated in 2014 to 4 percent steady growth, reaching 1,162 billion. PIDA pointed out that, although the market is still fluorescent and incandescent lighting / other category (halogen lamps, HID lamps, metal halide lamps, etc.) is mainstream sources, but in essence the contribution value of LED lighting has become a growing source of power.

 LED lighting has become the mainstream

  PIDA analysis, 2013 due to the traditional lighting giant Philips, General Electric, Acuity Brands, Zumtobel, Cooper Lighting, such as LED lighting business revenue growth rate of 40% -70%, and the global technology leader Cree LED components into a large scale LED lighting terminal application products, the growth rate is close to 50%. In these high-growth companies, driven by 2013 the global LED lighting output value of about $ 18.8 billion, growth rate of 42%; LED lighting output while also driving penetration of nearly 17% in 2014 is expected to exceed 20%.

  It is understood that in 2013 the world's top ten revenue lighting manufacturers (including LED lighting revenues) Total revenues accounted for approximately 28% of the global lighting market value, industry concentration is not high; PIDA believe that this means the lighting is still quite dispersion of industry, regional or localized features quite strong. And in 2013 the world's top ten manufacturers of LED lighting revenues Total revenues accounted for approximately 61% of global lighting market, a relatively high degree of industrial concentration of many, although the LED lighting industry is in a low degree of oligopoly type, sex is still a monopoly or oligopoly industry, but industry concentration has continued to rise phenomenon.

  PIDA said the transition from traditional lighting to LED lighting slower American companies, as well as the global lighting production center of the region within the territory of mainland China brand, OEM manufacturers, are expected to continue to move upwards in 2014, thus pushing up the global LED lighting product penetration, and LED lighting era has indeed arrived.


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