LED lighting more energy efficient and safer

  LED lighting has many advantages , consumers buy LED lighting products, what precautions do ? ENELTEC said, the color temperature is usually high , namely white and cool white lamps, color temperature close to the sun , people feel crisp, clear , and more for businesses, schools , offices and other lighting . If you need a bright home lighting , you can choose white lights, but suggested that the best choice for color temperature 5000K following products to warm white , yellow -based, can make people feel more intimate .

 LED lighting more energy efficient and safer

  Home lighting choice , it is recommended visor or mask or scrub enclosures block , although it may lose some brightness, but you can make the light softer. Literacy should be selected with the lamp reflectors, under incident light products, especially careful not to look directly into the light.

  ENELTEC remind consumers to buy LED lighting products, in addition to look at product identification is complete , but also do not forget to check the power cord for LED lamps CCC safety certification mark , the power cord should not be too thin. Moreover, you should check whether the exposed live parts LED lamps , rear light into the holder, the fingers should not touch live metal cap ; lamps should not have your finger on the touch live parts apertures . Outdoor lighting and non- ordinary lamps , lamps want to have their protective shell dust, water adaptation measures .


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