LED lighting price war continued

  Since 2014, LED lighting market crowded into the era of war, whether a veteran lighting companies or start-ups, are aimed at sharpening LED this big cake, a variety of means to snatch market are endless, which, price war undoubtedly one of the most effective and most respected strategy, and the price war not only in online trading, trading under the line of more flooding.

LED lighting price war continued

  But thinking, LED lighting products is expected to implement the price back. From the cost side, with the chip, package and other technologies mature, natural product prices will lead to more close to the people; From a consumer perspective, LED lamps prices, especially in the first two years, the price of LED lamps is indeed too high, let discouraged many buyers, leading the LED lighting market, "new and not busy" embarrassing situation, even the producers PAK forest on a rock in the summit also bluntly that they will not be willing to spend so "expensive" to buy a lamp lamps. Facts have proved that even the best products, high above the consumer price is also difficult to accept, so the price of LED lighting products also meet the actual market situation.

  Many industry insiders predict that the price war or even the next few years will continue in 2014, which is the market advantage and eliminating the inferior and shuffling necessary process. Price war irrespective of right or wrong, moderately good, the short term may reduce corporate profits, but for the promotion of consumption and stimulate consumers to buy is indeed recipe. And as long as companies do their own position, from a technical and quality control and improvement, to develop a cheap, cost-effective products, enriched soft power and hard power, worry that the market is not favored.


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