LED lighting revolution in Thailand

  Currently, the electricity consumption in Thailand is continuing growing while domestic conditions do not permit the development of new energy sources. Therefore the related electric power sector is calling for the residents to conserve electricity, creating a stable electricity supply.

 LED lighting revolution in Thailand

  Thailand's Energy Department has developed a management plan to the country's electricity supply, the full support of clean, renewable energy resources. This initiative will help to encourage people to buy energy efficient appliances, meanwhile, expressed support for the Department of Energy to use LED lighting products to replace ordinary light bulbs.

  Permanent Secretary for the Department of Energy Areepong Bhoocha-OOM said the Thai total power consumption to an average annual increase of 3% increase, which the residents of the largest electricity consumption, and the annual increase of 4.3%. Areepong said that now is the time to make people aware of the current situation of Thailand, and to encourage residents to use LED lighting. LED lighting products the same brightness and ordinary light bulbs, but it can save more than 50% of energy consumption.

  Meanwhile, the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand has launched several power reduction projects, one of which is carried out on 4,266 street lights LED lighting retrofits can reduce the 3.6 million units of electricity per year. Meanwhile, the street reconstruction project can provide about 10 million Thai baht in the provincial public spending, the annual reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 1860 tons.

  It is estimated that if the future use of LED lighting is universalized in Thailand, it will reduce an annual electricity consumption of 300 million units.


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