Large overseas LED lighting market competition

  LED current overseas market competition is also great, our overseas markets mainly control the following points: First, identify their market positioning and customer orientation, we are positioned in the high-end commercial lighting market , not the civilian market ; second is to find a good product positioning, our positioning in a larger amount of high-end commercial lighting indoor lighting products companies need to have the strength and support of outdoor lighting products ; Third, our strategic positioning is also clear, for profit , not for quantity , seeking long-term , not for the short term , so the only choice and works with the concept of customer channels .

Large overseas LED lighting market competition

  The current situation in the international market for export-oriented enterprises can be described as mixed.

  The upside is that the lock-up plan incandescent major countries and regions worldwide , as well as cost reduction drive terminal prices, precipitating the outbreak of the lighting market , a huge offshore LED general lighting market will be fully export -oriented enterprises will directly benefit.

  On the downside , mainly in the manufacturing advantages slowly lose , "Made in China " brand has not really taken shape, less competitive , the vast majority of companies do not have the core technology , is still dependent on manufacturing ( such as a large number of OEM ) with low price maintain market in difficult circumstances , a little exchange rate , cost, market downturn and the reasons for the economic downturn , it will allow enterprises to survive difficult , in fact, this is a long-term problem , is China 's enterprises need to transition issues.


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