United States Energy Department report released LED outdoor lighting products

  Recently, the U.S. Department of Energy released a report on CALiPER snapshot outdoor LED lighting products, based on the practical application of this report, the report from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) last issued in August 2013 has been around for nearly a year outdoors time, the report claimed that at the time of outdoor LED lighting can not reach 400W high pressure sodium (HPS) level, but now the solid-state lighting (SSL) manufacturers have to produce such products, in addition, continue to improve light efficiency, lighting quality also improved.

United States Energy Department report released LED outdoor lighting products

  The report can be downloaded at the DOE SSL website. Reported that a major trend from last year is now mainstream 6500K LED lighting turned slightly warm color temperature of 4000K, the light efficiency of high-end products has reached 150 lumens / watt.

  U.S. Department of Energy, said the survey database outdoor lighting applications, street lighting accounted for 23% and the remaining 7% is applied to the parking lot, ceiling products and directional lamps.

  U.S. Energy noted that the database has a luminous efficiency of 16 models of products in excess of 120 lumens / watt, and where there are seven products CRI (CRI) over 80, CRI is only a product of less than 70, so lighting products offer far superior color rendering high-pressure sodium lamps, make it easier for the driver to identify obstacles and pedestrians.

  While 400W-HPS LED replacement product is still in the lower lumen output HPS lamps lumen output range, but the LED products to provide better light efficiency. Moreover, studies have reported that, in the lower lumen output, the LED lighting broader spectrum to provide better visibility. In fact, two years ago in Seattle LED lights testing found that even LED lighting is quite dim, but as recognition of the impact on small things.


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