Vancouver renovation dragon facelift LED lamps

  For decades, the Vancouver Chinatown ornate dragon has been there to welcome the visitors, but also in the night to those businesses and stores to provide a modicum of security.

 Vancouver renovation dragon facelift LED lamps

  The dragon is in the old part of the city as China Square renovation plans to install 30 years ago, has now become a symbol of Chinatown culture.

  But after so many years of wind and rain, the dragon above the lens has begun to yellow, bright colors had been watered down. Now Vancouver Chinatown merchants associations and city intends to spend $ 600,000 to renovate the iconic dragon, and now you want converted so as to achieve low energy section of the source standards.

  Last week, the City Council approved a three-year U.S. $ 2.5 million donation plan for alterations update those many heritage buildings in the eastern part of the city center, most of these houses are owned by China's family or charity.

  Tom said that the Association would like to replace these lights are energy-efficient LED lights, and the color of the light can also vary according to the different activities. But it takes a lot of money, the association did not have enough money to complete this change, so I chose a relatively small, there will not be so many bells and whistles. Program will be implemented in the fall, such as painting, new lenses and other modifications.


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