2017 global LED manufacturers accelerate into niche applications

According to the latest research shows that in 2016 the global LED market output value reached 14.8 billion US dollars, annual growth of 3.4%. Looking ahead 2017, LED market competition is still fierce, manufacturers will accelerate the transfer to a small pitch display screen, infrared and ultraviolet LED and other niche market in order to profit, estimated 2017 global LED market output value will reach 15.4 billion US dollars, the annual growth is 4%


2016 global LED market output growth rate is not high, but the overall industry has undergone dramatic changes. Storage in the ultra-said, in the small space LED display the rise of demand, the upstream LED chip supply tight, making part of the LED chip and packaging devices, the first five years of price increases.

As for the downstream LED lighting products, there have been no small price increases, mainly due to reflect the rising cost of raw materials, especially copper, aluminum and other bulk metal raw materials prices in the second half of this year, making LED lighting manufacturers have to announce Prices to reflect the cost. However, the storage in the ultra-pointed out that this wave of wave of LED prices to help manufacturers of real profit is limited, so most LED manufacturers are actively considering the transformation strategy to accelerate into the niche market.