Immersive cultural tourism night tour light and shadow experience show “Magic Night Magic Cube” grand opening

Recently, the “Magic Night Magic Cube” Bailuyuan Magic Lantern opened grandly at Bailuyuan Film and Television City. It is reported that “Magic Night Cube” launched by Bailuyuan Film and Television City is to further shape and improve the night tour brand IP. Through innovative night consumption formats and models, it promotes the extension and integrated development of the “cultural tourism +” consumption format. By creating the best destination for night travel and micro-vacation in the northwest, it leads the new trend of “national trend”.

Immersive cultural tourism night tour light and shadow experience show "Magic Night Magic Cube" grand opening

The three major themes “Fuss”, “Weird Words” and “Strange Appearances”, combined with tens of thousands of lanterns such as starry sky lanterns, star dancing lanterns, firefly lanterns, laser lights, etc., use lamps as pens to draw a beautiful picture of Guyuan, which is dreamlike. The light and shadow scene is like a fairyland.

Next, let us immerse ourselves in the bizarre Bailuyuan.

The 15-meter-high main light “Magic Controller” is full of domineering power and leads all the weirdos to dance.

Newly installed smart street lights make the streets and alleys of Shilong Town, Dongguan, Guangdong brighter

Recently, citizens who frequently travel to and from Fangzheng Road, Shilong Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province have discovered that this road section has become brighter at night. These changes come from the smart street light construction project in Shilong Town.

Newly installed smart street lights make the streets and alleys of Shilong Town, Dongguan, Guangdong brighter

In order to improve the quality of the urban environment and create a good road environment for citizens to travel safely, the Shilong Urban Management Bureau promptly rectified the hidden dangers of lighting “dark areas” according to standards and optimized lighting management. It successively inspected Fangzheng Road, Qinglin Road, Fangyuan Road, Xiangyuan Road, and the renovation and upgrading of old street lamps in Long Road and other sections has solved the problem of insufficient illumination at night caused by aging street lamps in the above-mentioned sections, eliminated the risk of collapse caused by rust and corrosion of light pole brackets, and provided a safe and beautiful way for the general public to travel at night lighting protection.

Starting from July 2021, the independent street light poles, probes, signal lights, signs and other poles on the streets of Shilong Town, Dongguan City have been gradually broken into pieces. The poles that once affected the appearance, blocked the sight, and caused inconvenience to the citizens are gradually being replaced. Turn into a multifunctional smart light pole.

In the past, there were many poles on the streets of Shilong, and the structure, height, color, and size of the poles were inconsistent, which affected the overall landscape of the road. The poles had a single function, and they were unable to meet the new infrastructure needs for mounting 5G micro base stations and other sensing equipment. In response to this situation, Shilong Town proposed a smart light pole construction idea in 2021. It plans to build 1,550 sets of smart light poles within three years, and simultaneously replace related smart light pole and street light power supply cables, and bury 6 to 8 pipelines in advance to provide In the future, it will facilitate the power supply and optical fiber laying required for mounting other smart sensors on smart light poles, avoid repeated excavation of municipal roads, and “addition” to urban quality construction by “subtracting” from roads.

It is understood that smart light poles can realize the integration of traffic sign poles, electric police poles, signal light poles, etc., achieving a pole reduction rate of about 64%. At the same time, 5G base stations, advertising light boxes, environmental meteorology, and video surveillance will also be reserved on the poles, public broadcasting and other equipment mounting interfaces, in the future it can provide citizens with services such as smart transportation, smart municipal administration, smart urban management, smart lighting, smart communities, and 5G base station mounting.

Nowadays, Shilong citizens feel safe when traveling at night, and feel a sense of happiness when looking at the bright roads. At present, Shilong Town has built 18 roads with smart light poles, and a total of 939 smart light poles have been built. The completion of the upgrade of smart street lights has greatly improved the quality of life of Shilong citizens and accelerated the process of refined management in Shilong Town.

With the advent of smart light poles, the independent street light poles, probes, signal lights, signs and other poles that used to be scattered on the roadside and in the sky have been reduced to one piece. The poles that once affected the appearance, blocked the sight, and caused inconvenience to citizens have become multi-functional smart light poles, which have improved the overall environmental quality of the city, introduced fresh blood in smart city construction to Shilong, and truly “subtracted” the roads.

Lighting project in Xinzhou District, Shangrao, Jiangxi

Since September this year, people traveling on the old 320 National Highway in Shaxi Town, Xinzhou District, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province have discovered that as the afterglow of the setting sun gradually dissipates and the sunset glow fades the last touch of red, the street lights along the national highway light up one by one. The soft and bright lights not only illuminate the way home for passers-by at night, but also warm everyone’s hearts.

Lighting project in Xinzhou District, Shangrao, Jiangxi

It is understood that the X809 Songmaoling to Guomen (Shaxi section) highway was originally the G320 national highway, with a design speed of 80km/h and a speed limit of 60km/h. This section of the road passes through many villages, with densely packed houses on both sides of the road, and also passes through the streets of Shaxi Town. There are many branch roads and streets on both sides of the road, many cross-border vehicles, high speeds, and large lateral traffic interference. The main road has a large volume of mixed traffic, high vehicle speeds, and incomplete warning signs and markings at intersections. There are many pedestrians and vehicular traffic on the horizontal branch road, and local residents have a low awareness of traffic safety. Especially motorcycles and electric vehicles, which suddenly rush out from the horizontal branch road, can easily cause traffic accidents. According to statistics, from 2018 to 2022, there will be more traffic accidents in this area. About 3,000 traffic accidents occurred on this stretch of road. Especially at night, the road lighting is poor, and some irregular drivers do not turn off their high beams when passing through villages, which affects the sight of oncoming vehicles. Occasionally encountering vehicles and pedestrians rushing out of branch roads and alleys, it is easy to cause traffic accidents.

In the theme education, the Shaxi Town Party Committee and Government regard solving the “blind light problem” within their jurisdiction and improving the happiness index and convenience of people’s lives as one of the grassroots party building “Secretary Pilot” action projects, and “quickly work” to connect with the Xinzhou District Transportation Bureau , and organized a professional construction team to light the main road lights. The total investment of the project is 6.49888 million yuan. The project will start in early July 2023 and be completed at the end of September 2023. The construction period is 3 months. 217 street lights have been fully connected and tested. The entire line has been energized and put into use.

Shaxi Town also actively cooperates with the Municipal Traffic Engineering Quality and Safety Supervision and Law Enforcement Squadron, organizes special activities for random inspections of raw material quality, and conducts random inspections and tests on mortar, concrete, cables and other raw materials used in the project. At the same time, the supervision unit was required to conscientiously carry out parallel tests and inspections. It is understood that a total of 12 quality and safety inspections of traffic construction projects were organized during the construction period, with 48 inspectors/time, and 2 quality and safety spot inspection opinion notices and 3 rectification notices were issued, and implement the rectification situation.

As the street lights light up one after another, it not only solves the problem of people traveling at night and eliminates potential safety hazards, but also relieves the “hope” in the hearts of the people, eliminates the “sorrow” around the people, and greatly improves the people’s confidence. A sense of happiness, gain, and security.

“Technical Specifications for Approval of Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction in Architectural Lighting”

Recently, the Energy Safety Branch of Suzhou Security Association organized a project meeting for the “Group Standards for Approval of Technical Specifications for Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction in Architectural Lighting”.

"Technical Specifications for Approval of Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction in Architectural Lighting"

It is reported that the group logo launched a survey in April 2023, and the survey results supported the formulation of the group logo.

The formulation of the “Group Bid for Approval Technical Specifications for Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction in Architectural Lighting” will help more green energy-saving and emission-reduction projects participate in the fierce carbon financial market, and will also be conducive to the promotion and implementation of more proactive market behaviors for energy-saving and emission reduction. Application to help achieve carbon peak and carbon neutrality.

Lighting design case of Chaohongji Group Headquarters Building

The project is located on the central axis of the cultural landscape of Chaozhou Museum. It is adjacent to the Chaoshan Historical and Cultural Expo Center to the east and the inner bay of Shantou to the north, forming an opposite view to the core belt along the Beicheng coast.

Lighting design case of Chaohongji Group Headquarters Building

The project includes a headquarters office building, a business apartment and a commercial podium building, with a total construction area of approximately 71,827 square meters.

Our design ideas are derived from an in-depth understanding and appreciation of architecture. In this lighting design, we pursued the simple and generous aesthetic expression of the building, deeply studied the texture of the building curtain wall, carefully analyzed the changes in every detail, and used the most appropriate light to depict its temperament.

The lighting of the building tower is designed at three levels: the dynamic light of the texture, the power light of the grooves, and the contour light of the form. I hope to use the purest language to show the beauty of architecture.

The building facade adopts vertical linear light, which can better highlight the simple and modern texture characteristics of the building. The linear light in the static state presents a steady and majestic visual effect, like a wise man with both strength and ambition; the linear light in the rhythmic state is like a happy elf, jumping, flashing and flowing, showing a smart and vitality. Kernel.

In the expression of architectural grooves, we pay more attention to details and strive for the accuracy of each light position to show the delicate texture of architectural materials and create unique light and shadow effects.

The design uses a 20° wall washer for illumination, hiding the lamp on one wall close to the interior of the building, and illuminating the walls on both sides through the principle of secondary light reflection, reflecting the sense of space in the building.

Light is an emotional expression of architecture. We are committed to letting the building exude its own unique lighting language through light design, allowing people to feel the power and beauty of the building in the interweaving of light and shadow.

Wuwei, Gansu Province improves urban lighting level and lights up residents’ happy life

At the end of August this year, the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau of Minqin County, Wuwei City, Gansu Province started the renovation and upgrading work of Suwu Cultural Plaza, mainly on the original severely damaged facilities and equipment such as paving, curb stones, lighting, convenience seats, and warm reminder signs. Comprehensive renovation. At present, all renovation tasks on the west side of the square have been completed.

Wuwei, Gansu Province improves urban lighting level and lights up residents' happy life

Recently, the reporter came to Suwu Cultural Square and saw that the place had a completely new look. The newly renovated floor tiles were smooth and beautiful, and the green lawns on both sides were full of vitality. But the most eye-catching thing was the ancient city wall that had been renovated and renovated.

With the lighting of the ancient city wall outline lights and floodlights, the lighting renovation project of Suwu Cultural Plaza was successfully completed. The lighting colors of the ancient city wall are based on elegant colors such as blue and warm white, which give the ancient city wall a classic color and also vividly express the thickness of the ancient city wall. In accordance with the principle of “seeing light but not seeing lights”, this renovation project was carefully designed in terms of the color of the wire trough, the placement position, and the type of light source. At the top of the city wall, outline lights are used to illuminate the outer outline of the city wall. At the bottom of the city wall, warm white lights are used to highlight the unique charm of the ancient city wall. Under night lights, the ancient city wall has a realistic shape, clear patterns, and a strong three-dimensional effect. Looking from a distance It is more majestic, taller and has clear layers. The light and shadow of the walls, buildings and trees combine with the tranquility of the ancient city, making people feel like they are in a colorful ancient painting, like a dream.

At the beginning of the lanterns, residents came here in twos and threes for recreation and entertainment. Some of them were taking a leisurely walk, and some of them gathered together to chat about home affairs… Everyone’s faces were filled with happy smiles. The most eye-catching thing is the various dance teams in the Cultural Square. They either hold up oil paper umbrellas or hold fans and dance to the cheerful music. The increasingly perfect lighting project lights up the night in the county, and the bright street lights illuminate the happy life of the citizens.

“After the renovation is completed, it can effectively improve the construction quality of Suwu Cultural Plaza, beautify the urban living environment, optimize the spiritual outlook of the county, create high-quality leisure and entertainment venues for the people of the county, and continuously enhance residents’ sense of belonging, gain, and happiness. It also contributes to the steady advancement of urban renewal actions.” said the deputy director of the Minqin County Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau.

More than 75% of Disney’s lighting systems use LED lights

In order to reduce carbon emissions, Hong Kong Disneyland installed solar power panels at multiple locations backstage. In 2022-2023, Hong Kong Disney has added as many as 2,300 solar power generation panels. Currently, there are more than 7,500 solar power generation panels installed in Hong Kong. It is the largest solar power generation system in Hong Kong, covering 47 places in the resort. The total power generation is expected to be more than 3.3 million per year. kWh of electricity is enough to supply the electricity consumption of more than 1,000 three-person households for a year.

More than 75% of Disney’s lighting systems use LED lights

The resort’s solar power generation system also uses intelligent systems and optimizers to strengthen management and improve the operational efficiency of the system. The team can monitor the operational efficiency and usage of each solar panel in real time through a mobile app, which helps system management. To ensure the stability of the entire solar power supply system and maximize its effectiveness, Hong Kong Disneyland is committed to developing renewable energy. Starting from the development of solar power generation systems in 2018, it has received certifications from the government and different sectors of society, including the “Model Award” issued by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department. ” and “Best Material”, as well as the “Renewable Energy Award-Outstanding Award” issued by CLP.

In addition, Hong Kong Disneyland will build a large-scale solar system in the performer parking lot backstage in the second half of this year. The plan will be Hong Kong’s first outdoor parking lot solar system. There will be a total of more than 400 solar power panels, which can generate more than 20 10,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity is enough to supply the electricity consumption of more than 60 three-person households for a year, and can also provide shade for 80 parking spaces.

Driving electric vehicles instead of traditional cars can reduce carbon emissions and help reduce road air pollution, which is of great help to people’s health. In order to cooperate with the government’s popularization of electric vehicles, Hong Kong Disney has installed more than 100 electric vehicle charging stations in the resort’s parking lots, which are also free for vehicles to use, encouraging guests and entertainers to use electric vehicles instead of traditional cars.

The lighting project of Nanchang East Outer Ring Expressway has entered the lighting commissioning stage

On September 20, good news came out from the Nanchang East Outer Ring Expressway lighting project. After intense early construction and preparations, it has now successfully entered the lighting and commissioning stage. This means that before the National Day, Nanchang City will add another dazzling night scene landmark to create a safer and better lighting environment for highway drivers and passengers traveling at night.

The lighting project of Nanchang East Outer Ring Expressway has entered the lighting commissioning stage

It is reported that the special lighting project of Nanchang East Outer Ring Expressway is one of the top ten livelihood projects in Nanchang. The project is located in the G6001 Nanchang Ring Expressway Lewen Section Interchange to Tacheng Interchange Section under the jurisdiction of Fuzhou Management Center. The entire line is long about 48Km, including 7 hubs and interchanges along the line, as well as the addition of lighting facilities on the main line bridges.

The project uses advanced LED lamps, intelligent control technology and cable anti-theft terminal technology. At the same time, during the construction process, the best lighting solutions were customized for roads, bridges and ramps. Among them, the street lights of the main line section are set in the middle section, using 300w double-arm LED lamps with a spacing of 36 meters and a lamp height of 12 meters; the interchange hub ramp road lights are set on one side outside the dirt shoulder, using 150w single-arm LED lamps with a spacing of 36 meters, 25 meters, the lamp is 12 meters high.

With the unremitting efforts of all members of the project department, the countdown to project construction tasks has gradually begun. The implementation of this project is not only an important measure to improve the urban quality of Nanchang, but also a reflection of Franshion’s active fulfillment of social responsibilities. In the next step, the project department will continue to do the finishing work to provide a safe and comfortable driving environment for highway drivers and passengers.

The first flight-linked dimming system for high mast lights in China was officially put into operation at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport

After two months of trial operation, the flight-linked dimming system for high mast lights at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport was officially put into operation on September 1. As the second phase of Baiyun Airport’s high-mast lighting system renovation project, this system achieves the “intelligent + energy-saving” effect by linking the high-mast lighting control system and flight information, which is the first of its kind in any airport in the country.

The first flight-linked dimming system for high mast lights in China was officially put into operation at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport

After the new system is put into operation, combined with the first phase of the high pole lighting system renovation project, the annual power consumption of the high pole lights at Baiyun Airport will be reduced from 7.89 million kilowatt hours to 2.37 million kilowatt hours, and the comprehensive power saving rate can reach 70%.

The renovation of Baiyun Airport’s high pole lighting system involves a total of 178 high pole lights in the airport. As a “big energy consumer” in the flight area, the apron high pole lights have the original lighting start-stop mode of full on and full off, and the original halogen lamps are always on. If it is too long, it will easily lead to high failure rate and high maintenance costs. Baiyun Airport relies on the innovation studio to connect elements such as front-end lighting data collection, aircraft position operation information feedback, and control system linkage to achieve intelligent flight information linkage control.

Linkage control based on flight information system

This transformation connects the high-mast light intelligent management and control platform with the airport flight information system data. By reading the corresponding flight information data, such as flight number, parking space, real-time arrival time, real-time departure time and other information, you can completely while ensuring the operating illumination of the aircraft stand, flight-linked management and control of the high-mast lights is carried out to maximize the energy-saving effect.

Intelligent dimming technology based on the Internet of Things

This renovation applied the Internet of Things intelligent dimming technology, which can intelligently and smoothly adjust the illumination of the high pole lights according to the actual use needs of the aircraft. At the same time, it can group the combined aircraft and allocate multiple sets of combined illumination given values. While ensuring the safety of the illumination of the machine position, the energy-saving space is maximized.

Illumination control based on flight area site

This renovation uses illumination sensors at four different locations in the renovation area to detect real-time illumination values in the flight area. Multiple interlocks control the switching and dimming of the high pole lights to ensure that the aircraft can automatically perform control operations of the high pole lights according to weather conditions.

Technology application based on multiple security mechanisms

Safety is the lifeline of civil aviation, and operational safety in flight areas must always be given top priority. This transformation adopted multiple safety assurance mechanism technologies, including back-end system security mechanism, control network security mechanism, on-site control security mechanism, dimming failure safety mechanism, etc., to ensure that the backup mode can be activated in time in the event of a failure and to ensure normal lighting in the flight area.

Hengyang City Street Lamp Management Office takes multiple measures to promote smart lighting business

Enter the stage of high-quality development in the new era, and promote green and low-carbon circular development. Saving resources and protecting the environment are the requirements of the times. How to solidly promote the green transformation, implement the Party Central Committee’s decision-making deployment, and the key tasks of ecological civilization construction with the spirit of nailing nails. The Hengyang Street Lamp Management Office conscientiously implements Xi Jinping’s ecological civilization thought, pays attention to ecological environmental protection, energy saving and consumption reduction, and takes multiple measures to promote the development of green lighting.

Hengyang City Street Lamp Management Office takes multiple measures to promote smart lighting business

Green lighting puts energy-saving and environmental protection first: In order to improve lighting quality, the promotion of energy-saving lighting sources for Hengyang street lamps started early. In 2012, LED light sources were widely used to replace traditional high-energy-consuming sodium lamps or metal halide light sources. Renovation, and gradually realize the full coverage of high-quality green light sources. The Street Light Management Office always puts green lighting, energy saving and environmental protection first. In the review of lighting design and construction drawings, it is clearly required to use energy-saving light sources and standardize the way of connecting lines to realize the control of the lighting time and energy-saving mode of lighting switches for some lines. Make full use of the urban lighting intelligent monitoring and control system, timely adjust the opening and closing time of the city’s lighting control according to seasonal changes, implement a system of timing and classification of turning on and off lights, and implement the lighting of urban main and secondary arterial roads at intervals and according to the situation. During the summer and winter peak seasons of electricity consumption, actively respond to the power-saving initiatives issued by the functional departments of governments at all levels at the provincial and municipal levels to save unnecessary electricity consumption. Urban lighting consumes a lot of energy, and the street lamp management office can adjust it in time. Under the premise of ensuring the people’s production and living lighting needs, rationally adjust the lighting time and lighting method of street lights, “open at intervals or half open” depending on the situation of the road section, strictly control decorative landscape lighting, and strengthen the management of advertising electricity consumption, etc. , to ensure the necessary lighting, so as to save energy and reduce consumption to the greatest extent.

The use of LED light sources greatly reduces the line load, which has higher requirements for the measurement and control accuracy of lighting automation monitoring equipment. In recent years, the Street Lamp Management Office has upgraded urban lighting control facilities. According to the operating years of the facilities and the current lighting control needs, with the goal of reducing emissions and improving lighting control effects, the urban lighting control upgrades have been promoted in an orderly manner. First of all, upgrade the 4G full Netcom monitoring equipment to the street lamp monitoring equipment without 2G signal in some urban areas, and reserve 5G interface at the same time. It solves the problem that the field equipment cannot be monitored in real time due to unstable signals in the past. Carried out leakage protection and monitoring on crowded urban roads, flood-prone, and leakage-prone lighting control points, installed 156 power supply line leakage monitoring terminals, realized 24-hour real-time monitoring of line leakage, ensured safe operation of facilities, and eliminated leakage the safety accidents caused, the leakage loss is avoided, and the travel safety of the common people is guaranteed. Install 20 video monitoring points for urban landscape lighting, buildings and buildings on both sides of the Xiangjiang River, and accurately monitor the lighting effect of landscape lighting on both sides of the Xiangjiang River and road sections. The upgrading and transformation of the control system has realized the purpose of more scientific monitoring and smarter management of street lamps, and greatly improved the efficiency of urban lighting management in our city.

Focus on building a “scientific, precise, and long-term” facility management and protection mechanism. Refine the management and protection measures of facilities, quantify the maintenance indicators of facilities, strengthen the maintenance quality assessment indicators, strictly assess the quality, improve the efficiency of maintenance work, improve the level of maintenance management, and keep the lighting rate of street lights stable at more than 99%. While doing a good job in daily street lamp maintenance, the Street Lamp Management Office regularly conducts special inspections and rectification of lamp appearance and appearance, intensifies the inspection of facilities, timely checks and repairs damaged facilities, and ensures that the lighting facilities are beautiful, tidy and intact, and the lighting power supply of street lamps reliability rate. Regularly organize and carry out special investigations of all street lamps and lighting facilities in the city. For specific problems in the investigation process, set time, set standards, and assign responsible persons to carry out rectification within a time limit, sort out one by one and follow up in time, grasp the implementation of rectification, and continuously improve urban lighting infrastructure to ensure the lighting rate and facility integrity rate. Replace the damaged street lamp parts found in the inspection in a timely manner, correct the inclined light poles, and clean up the “psoriasis” on the lighting facilities to ensure that the urban lighting facilities are clean and beautiful. Carefully repair the street lights in the back streets and alleys, actively respond to the concerns of the citizens, and take every appeal of the citizens seriously, so as to respond in a timely manner, respond quickly, and implement them in place, so as to provide considerate and high-quality services for the residents.

Hengyang was honored to obtain the special funds for housing and urban-rural construction to build a pilot project of “multiple poles in one smart light pole”. A breakthrough in the construction of “light pole”. This project is the first pilot project in prefecture-level cities in the province, and there is no template for reference. For the street lamps, the construction section of “Multipoles in One Smart Lighting Pole” is located in Xianfeng Road, Yanfeng District; this section is located in the commercial, cultural and economic center of the old city of Hengyang City, and it is an old road section, and most of the road facilities have no corresponding information. There are many management units involved in the rod body, and it is difficult to coordinate. “Multiple poles in one” needs to integrate multiple functions such as communication base stations, road lighting, and road indications on the original road section. The construction of combined poles and multi-purpose poles, but the street lamps are working hard to overcome many difficulties. Try first and be solid the project has been pushed forward and has won the cooperation and support of various management units to complete the project. Created a new model of smart light poles with Hengyang’s regional characteristics, and simultaneously built a multi-functional smart light pole operation management and control platform in Hengyang City to realize linkage with urban smart applications such as smart urban management, smart security, and smart transportation.

The person in charge of the Hengyang Street Lamp Management Office said: In the future, we will continue to promote the construction of smart lighting, complete the construction of road lighting and landscape lighting in an orderly manner, promote urban management to be scientific, refined, and intelligent, and implement energy-saving priority policies to achieve green and low-carbon, standardized lighting, highlighting green lighting, smart lighting, and humanistic lighting. Actively promote the high-quality development of Hengyang City’s lighting industry, light up every light for Yancheng with heart and soul, fully meet the needs of the citizens for a better life, and contribute the power of “light messengers” to create a national civilized city.