100 Watt Equivalent 15w Flush Mount LED Ceiling Light

100 Watt Equivalent 15w Flush Mount LED Ceiling Light

100 Watt Equivalent 15w Flush Mount LED Ceiling Light for living room lighting, basement lighting, office lighting, kitchen lighting, bathroom lighting, hallway lighting, closet lighting, and more. This light delivers 1000 lumens of smooth natural white illumination without visible bulbs or hot spots. Mount directly to a round or octagonal junction box with the light’s included bracket or in any existing 5″ to 6″ can light housing with the included can light conversion kit hardware. An E26/E27 Edison screw base adapter is included with the conversion kit. The 15-watt LED downlight is comparable to 100-watt incandescent bulbs but is designed to last 25 times longer.

100 Watt Equivalent 15w Flush Mount LED Ceiling Light Specification:

Beam Angle
110 degree
92 CRI
Color Temperature
4000 K
Comparable Wattage
100 Watt Incandescent
Connection Type
Current Draw
0.13A (130mA)
7 in
7 in
67 lm/w
1000 Lumen
LED Color
Natural 4000K
LED Lifetime
50000 Hours
Special Features
High CRI, Junction Box Mountable
Standards And Certifications
ETL Classified, RoHS Compliant
Total Power Consumption
15 Watts
120 VAC

100 Watt Equivalent 15w Flush Mount LED Ceiling Light Features:

  • 100W incandescent equivalent output – Uses only 15W
  • Dimmable retrofit downlight mounts easily junction box
  • Integrated LEDs produce 100 Lumens of 4000K natural white light
  • LED Bathroom Lighting
  • Residential Ceiling Down Lighting
  • Commercial Ceiling Down Lighting
  • Living Room Lighting
  • Office LED Lighting
  • Home Theater LED Lights
  • Den Lighting
  • LED Kitchen Lighting
  • Pot Lights

25 Watt 3750 Lumens LED Retro-Fit Bulb

25 Watt 3750 Lumens LED Retro-Fit Bulb25 Watt 3750 Lumens LED Retro-Fit Bulb features a frosted lens that reduces glare and increases the performance of the lamp by balancing the light output of each LED. It is suitable for use in industrial applications as well as landscape lighting when installing into an enclosed fixture or with the base facing upward.

25 Watt 3750 Lumens LED Retro-Fit Bulb Specification:

Voltage 120/208/240/277
Beam Angle 180 Degree
Base Type Medium (E26)
Metal Halide Equal 150 Watt
Height 7.4 in.
Diameter 3.8 in.
Warranty 5 Years
Case Quantity 6
Lumens per Watt 150
CRI 80
Color Cool White
Color Temperature 4000 Kelvin
Life Hours 50,000
Wattage 25 Watt
Lumens 3,750

25 Watt 3750 Lumens LED Retro-Fit Bulb Features:

  • directional 180-degree beam angle distributes maximum lumens to the floor
  • Produces a cool white light with a brightness of 3750 Lumens
  • Uses less power than metal halides for immediate savings
  • For use in open and totally enclosed fixtures
  • Isolated driver for better heat dissipation

Zurich lights up again for Christmas

Zurich’s dazzling Christmas light “Lucy” is now lighting up Bahnhofstrasse again! The Amazing Amazing Scenery is named from Beatles’ famous accompaniment released in 1967-Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. This song is so popular-will the Christmas light “Lucy” in Zurich be equally popular?

Zurich lights up again for Christmas

“Lucy” is composed of 11,000 crystals and more than 23,100 LED lights, and her “weight” has reached more than 100 tons. She winds along the shopping avenue-“Bahnhofstrasse” in Zurich’s “high-end atmosphere”, Extend beyond a kilometer.

EWZurich City Electric Power Company EWZ said that the power consumed by “Lucy” in a specified period of time was the same as the electricity consumed by baking a Christmas cookie in an oven.

However, in light of the climate crisis, doubts and criticisms have gradually risen. Power company EWZ spokesman Harry Graf clarified accordingly: “Each time the electricity produced will actually be used in a lamp that must have light.” Graf said: “Everyone who is used to using green electricity and people who use LED lighting can feel at ease and have a clear conscience to accept energy-saving Christmas lights. It is even worse that there is no need to waste electricity all year round. ”

Residents of Zurich are obsessed with silver glittering Christmas lights decorated with colorful beams of blue and red. In the slowly falling snowflakes, they are intertwined with pure white, playing the prelude to Christmas. That’s right, “Lucy” really hit people’s hearts, attracting thousands of people to stop here.

2’x4′ Lay-In Fluorescent Ceiling Light


2’x4′ Lay-In Fluorescent Ceiling Light comes from the DuraLouver® Parabolic series. The model runs on 2 T8 lamps of 25W, 28W, 30W, or 32W. It features 2 cells crosswise and 6 lengthwise, and a nominal 3″ deep aluminum louver. Construction dust and possible fingerprints are eliminated due to matte anodized low iridescent, semi-specular louver finish. The housing and end caps are made of die-formed steel. The fixture offers recessed mounting with the inverted t-bar. Dual voltage operation is ensured due to a universal 120-277V input.

2’x4′ Lay-In Fluorescent Ceiling Light Specification:

  • Size: 2’x4′
  • Number of Lamps: 2
  • Voltage: 120V-277V
  • Lamp Type: 4′, T8
  • Wattage: 32, 30, 28 or 25 Watt
  • Louver Finish: Matte Anodized Low Iridescent Semi-Specular Aluminum (std.)
  • Number of Cells Crosswise: 2
  • Number of Cells Lengthwise: 6
  • Air Function: Static
  • Ballast: Electronic T8, Instant Start
  • Certifications & Standards: Damp Location Standard, UL, CSA

2’x4′ Lay-In Fluorescent Ceiling Light Features:

  • Nominal 3″ deep louver
  • Black reveals with full air handling capabilities
  • Matte anodized low iridescent, semi-specular (MA) louver finish virtually eliminates visibility of fingerprints & construction dust
  • Shallow housing
  • Lightweight
  • Recessed mount
  • Damp location

Pakistan PKM highway project LED lighting project completed

On the evening of June 22, all 563 street lights of the Pakistan PKM Expressway Project undertaken by the Seventh Hydropower Project were lit, and the project lighting project was announced to be completed.

Pakistan PKM highway project LED lighting project completed

The Pakistan PKM highway project undertaken by the Seventh Hydropower Bureau is 54 kilometers in length. It is planned to be a two-way six-lane road with a design speed of 120 kilometers per hour and a road width of 31.5 meters. The light pole is a single cantilever variable section light pole with a height of 12 meters. The street lights use 180-watt LED lights.

According to the person in charge at the site, since the project started, it has focused on the quality and safety supervision of the project and the construction progress of the project. After the completion of the entire high-speed highway, it will become the north-south transportation artery of Pakistan, which will not only inject more economic blood through cities and villages. Provide safer, more convenient, comfortable and beautiful road traffic conditions for local residents to travel.

13.5W 6 Inch Gimbal LED Recessed Light

13.5W 6 Inch Gimbal LED Recessed Light

13.5W 6 Inch Gimbal LED Recessed Light with frosted PC cover provides you with glare-free, soft uniform lighting, perfect for living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and so on.

13.5W 6 Inch Gimbal LED Recessed Light Specification:

Wattage: 13.5W
Voltage: 120V
Equivalent: 65W
Luminous flux: 800lm
Lifespan: 40,000hrs
Beam angle: 100°
CCT: 3000K warm white
Dimming range: 10%-100%
Working temp: -22?-104?
Waterproof rating: Damp location
Material: Iron & aluminum

13.5W 6 Inch Gimbal LED Recessed Light Features:

Airtight and IC rated, this light possesses a large space and excellent heat dissipation. This product’s high quality, safe operation and great dimming capacity are all backed by ETL, Energy Star, JA8 and T24 listing. The iron spray painted light body and junction box extends this light’s long lifespan up to 40,000hrs.


Longqing Expressway full-line tunnel to achieve full coverage of LED lights

With the LED lighting energy-saving renovation project of the last three tunnels of Huangshagang, Huangtan and Xincheng of Longqing Expressway ending smoothly on October 9, the entire tunnel of Longqing Expressway have completed the energy-saving renovation of LED lights, which is the first full line of the city. The tunnel realizes the full coverage of the LED lights.

Longqing Expressway full-line tunnel to achieve full coverage of LED lights

It is understood that this lighting energy-saving renovation plan will replace the original 6000-inch tunnel high-pressure sodium lamp one-to-one with LED energy-saving lamps to meet the luminous efficacy, luminous flux, light attenuation, life, light color and color rendering of the illumination source in the tunnel. Sexual requirements, fully realize the intelligent lighting brightness adjustment, while ensuring good visibility in the smoke formed by automobile emissions, and more convenient for the public to travel.

Since 2017, Longqing Expressway has implemented the energy-saving renovation plan for tunnel lighting equipment and has completed the energy-saving renovation project of 10 tunnel LED lights across the entire line. The total length of the two-way tunnel is more than 10 kilometers. After the renovation, it is estimated that the annual electricity consumption will be more than 600,000 kWh, and the energy-saving rate will be as high as 50% or more.

In the next step, the equipment technicians of the Longqing Expressway Management Office will further optimize the tunnel lighting scheme, conduct energy consumption assessment tests and compare the brightness before and after the transformation, and at that time, energy consumption savings will be maximized.

Outdoor Sensor Body Induction Solar Wall Light

Outdoor Sensor Body Induction Solar Wall Light

Outdoor Sensor Body Induction Solar Wall Light for Home Garden Patio Balcony + 5M Cable

Outdoor Sensor Body Induction Solar Wall Light Specification:

Lamp Shell Material PC
Solar Panel 2W/6V
LED Bead 34pcs
LED Bead Model 2835
Lumen 50-150LM
Battery Capacity 1500mAh
Detectable Area 10 Meters,120℃
Lighting Angle 150-160℃

Outdoor Sensor Body Induction Solar Wall Light Features:

  • Easy use
  • Energy saving
  • Safe and durable
  • Body induction
  • Split-type design
  • Over-charging protection
  • Over-discharging protection

1. Installation Method of Solar Outdoor Step Light:Install the solar panel in a place with sufficient sunlight(such as house roof, outside window, outside wall, outdoor), let maximum area of the solar panel face sunlight’s direction;

Xuzhou road lighting smart system upgrade

According to reports, in recent years, the lighting management department of Xuzhou Urban Management Bureau passed the energy-saving renovation of street lamps, replaced the “three remote” control cabinets compatible with 5G street lamps, built a single-light control system for street lamps, and the multi-functional smart system poles to be piloted. Promote the intelligent construction of urban lighting.

Xuzhou road lighting smart system upgrade

According to reports, Xuzhou City is about to install a multi-functional smart light pole at the intersection of Jinshan East Road and Hudong Road. In addition to the role of street lights, the light pole will also be equipped with various sensors and sensing devices, including traffic lights and traffic. Indication logo, LED information release screen, high-definition camera, 5G network coverage, wireless WIFI, environmental monitoring components, city broadcasting, information release, etc.

Xuzhou City Lighting Management Office official said that the energy-saving renovation of street lamps in the Jinshan East Road area is being implemented, including the replacement of 292-inch road sodium lamps with LED lights, and the installation of a single-lamp intelligent control system, totaling 292 baht.

According to the person in charge, these LED lights are all 150W, which can be used for variable power control. If the pedestrians at night are scarce, you can reduce the power and achieve the travel needs of a small number of people, while saving resources and costs. If the daytime encounters rainy days and the light is dim, these street lights can also be supplemented with low-power lighting to supplement the lack of natural light.

There are 63,000 street lamps in the urban area of Xuzhou City, and there are 10 roads for the pilot single-lamp intelligent control system.

It is reported that next year Xuzhou City will be responsible for the energy quality of some road sodium lamps, the lighting quality is not high, the brightness is not up to standard, the 15,000 sodium lamp is energy-saving renovation, all replaced with LED street lights, and a single lamp control system. It is estimated that the annual electricity cost will be about 4 million yuan.

COB LED Solar Power 3 Sides 270° Illumination LED Wall light

COB LED Solar Power 3 Sides 270° Illumination LED Wall light

The COB LED Solar Power 3 Sides 270° Illumination LED Wall light senses anything passing within a 3-5m radius of its sensors, and throws out a powerful beam of white light. Come with 3 different lighting Sensing modes to meet your different needs. Made of high-quality ABS material, it is durable and sturdy in use. Perfect for illumination and security in the garden, garage, hallway, and other areas exposed to sunlight during the day. Doesn′t need for wiring, can be arbitrarily installed.

The COB LED Solar Power 3 Sides 270° Illumination LED Wall light Specification:

Lamp 90 COB LED
Material PC ABS
Solar Panel Monocrystalline Silicon 5.5V 1.43W
Battery 18650 Lithium Battery 3.7V 1200MAH with Charge and Discharge Protection
Output Power 3.2V/7W
Charging Time 4-6 Hours in the Sun
Lighting Time 6-8 Hours
Lighting Mode Infrared Induction
PIR Sensing Angle 120°
Sensing Distance 3-5 Meters
Illumination Range 25㎡
Waterproof Grade IP65

The COB LED Solar Power 3 Sides 270° Illumination LED Wall light Features:

  • Wide Application: IP65 waterproof outdoor solar lights, suitable for gardens, swimming pools, fences, courtyards, driveways, stairs, exterior walls, etc. Heat & weatherproof, no need to worry about outdoor damage.
  • Automatically Turn On: The PIR motion sensor can scan the heat source that continuously moves within the detection range. When someone appears in the area, the light will automatically turn on.
  • Solar Power: The solar light needs 6 hours of sunlight charging during the day and 10 hours of normal operation at night. No wires are needed, providing you with an economical, low-carbon and environmentally friendly life.
  • Fast Charging: Solar panel charging depends on the duration of light and weather conditions. The stronger the sun, the shorter the charging time. On cloudy or rainy days, battery efficiency is reduced, resulting in shorter lighting times.
  • Premium Material: High-quality lamp beads, three sides can be illuminated, a 270° wide range of illumination, providing you with excellent lighting.