LED replaces high pressure sodium lamp to promote plant growth

An Italian basil (a kind of vanilla for seasoning) growers chose to replace high-pressure sodium lamps with LEDs and found that it can promote plant growth while reducing farm energy consumption.

LED replaces high pressure sodium lamp to promote plant growth

The grower is located in Reggio, the southern part of Italy, and produces basil for salads, pasta, and other dishes. He has been using high-pressure sodium lamps in his greenhouse.

In order to avoid typical basil disease, growers use artificial light for several hours per day in the greenhouse, which increases costs.

Red, super red and blue LED lights are used in different proportions in the greenhouse. This mode speeds up the growth of basil, reduces harvest time by 5 days, and increases crop yield.

The grower manager Marco Boselli said, “We are worried about bacterial proliferation because Peronospora fungi have been eradicated by the heat generated by HPS lighting, but after using LEDs, we have not encountered any problems.”

“We can also observe that our basil grows better and faster because the proportion of blue light is lower, the ratio in the LED solution is 5%, compared to 24% in the previous HPS program.”

Sebastian Psychic, global project manager for OSRAM Optoelectronics, said: “Durable, energy-efficient and long-lasting LED technology is becoming more and more popular and will replace standard horticultural lighting one day.”

High Power IP65 100W LED Flood Light

High Power IP65  100W LED Flood Light

High Power IP65 100W LED Flood Light Iodine-tungsten Lamp for Outdoor AC220-240V

High Power IP65 100W LED Flood Light Specification:

Material Aluminum
Power 50W
Voltage AC220-240V
Light Source LED
Lumens 4800lm
CRI 80ra
Light Angel 270 Degree
Light Color White
Waterproof Rate IP65
Color Temperature White 6000-6500K
Size 25*12.7cm

High Power IP65 100W LED Flood Light Features:

  • Ultra-bright led design
  • Long service life, high luminous efficiency
  • Energy saving, low heat, and lower power consumption
  • Great reducing carbon emission, environmentally friendly
  • Adopting IC constant current driver possesses stable performance and longer life

Is the LED luminaire within the CCC mandatory range?

According to the use environment, general outdoor lighting and indoor lighting, outdoor lighting (washing wall lamps, floodlights, etc.) can’t do CCC certification can only apply for CQC certification, indoor lighting (downlights, panel lights, spotlights, table lamps) are generally It is possible to do CCC certification (except bulbs). Most of the customer’s lighting products are applied in three categories: fixed lamps, recessed lamps, and movable lamps.

Is the LED luminaire within the CCC mandatory range?

LED lamps do CCC certification test will involve EMC and LVD two parts, relatively speaking, the test fee will be relatively high, especially now also increase the Blu-ray hazard test, the overall four-piece fee application registration fee, audit fee, service fee, test fee The whole cost can be fixed by adding up to two or three thousand RMB. There will be no second charge in the middle, and the package will be rectified. Basically, as long as the driver’s power supply has passed the CCC certification, the product test pass is not a big problem. The specific test items are as follows:

LVD: structural requirements, marking (nameplate), creepage distance and clearance, protection against electric shock, dust and water discharge, insulation resistance and dielectric strength, heat resistance, etc.

EMC: insertion loss, harmonics (power > 25W), radiation disturbance, etc.

N710 1.5W Multifunctional High Brightness LED Light with FM Yellow

N710 1.5W Multifunctional High Brightness LED Light with FM Yellow

N710 1.5W Multifunctional High Brightness LED Light with FM Yellow one of the mostoutstanding features of this light should be its solar energy powering, which makes it an eco-friendly and energy-saving product. With peculiar treatment based on premium PC and ABS materials, this light is of great impact resistance and high safety. It emits bright and soft light for easily guarding your direction. Also, this LED light comes with built-in FM function.

N710 1.5W Multifunctional High Brightness LED Light with FM Yellow Specification:

Material PC & ABS
Color Yellow
Solar Panel DC 6V 1.5W
Battery Li-ion Battery 18650 3.7V 2000mA * 2pcs
Light Source 1W High Brightness LED
Charge Time > 5 Hours Charged by AC Current, > 11 Hours Charged by Solar Energy
Dimensions (5.91 x 5.51 x 4.72)” / (15 x 14 x 12)cm (L x W x H)
Weight 20.32oz / 576g

N710 1.5W Multifunctional High Brightness LED Light with FM Yellow Features:

  • Impact resistance, non-thermal radiation, safe and stable, reliable
  • No pollution, no UV, infrared and thermal radiation
  • A perfect combination of grade materials and exquisite workmanship
  • Powered by solar energy, eco-friendly and energy-saving
  • Easy to install within minutes
  • A multifunctional lamp, suitable for outdoor or indoor applications
  • It supports FM function

Waterproof Solar Power Wall Light

Waterproof Solar Power Wall Light

Waterproof Solar Power PIR Motion Sensor RGB Garden 7 Colors Wall Light

Waterproof Solar Power Wall Light Specification:

Solar Panel 5V/0.88W Monocrystalline Silicon
Li-ion Battery 2000 mAh /3.7V
LED Power 6000-6500K, 160LM
Motion Angle and Distance 180°, 6M
Size 6.3*2.4*6.3 inch
Weight 0.7Ib(One Pack)
Charge Time About 6 hours
Work Time About 8 – 12 hours

Waterproof Solar Power Wall Light Features:

1. 3 Side Highly Sensitive Solar Lights

Dusk to dawn dual motion sensors with 180°wide angle design offers a larger coverage of bright luminosity. Perfect for garage fences garden yard lawn landscape porch attic driveway pathway pool etc.Eco-friendly and Energy-saving

2. Adjustable 5 Modes of Light-Activated

a. Motion sensor super bright white lights + Dim multicolor lights always on

b.Motion sensor super bright white lights + Dim white lights always on

c.Motion sensor super bright white lights + The lights go out d. Dim white lights always on

e. Dim multicolor lights always on. Simply press the AUTO and ON buttons to switch the light atmosphere that fits you.

3. Multicolor Contains 7 Colors

White, Light Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Purple. Iron Man modeling, not only security lights or a fun festival decorative lights

4.Waterproof & Durable Night Light

It is waterproof(IP44) and could survived for all kinds of severe weather, Made of hard ABS material, it wont become fragile under sunshine. Simply installed by the supplied two screws

5. Powerful Support

Use 5V / 175mA monocrystalline silicon solar panels, 3.7V / 2000mAh lithium battery. Daytime light absorption 1 hour, 2 hours light at night. Fully charged, can be used continuously for 8 – 12 hours. Rain and sunny days, charging efficiency will be different How to operate 5 Modes of Light-Activated Motion Sensors Modes:

The US Department of Energy releases the latest US lighting market features

The US Department of Energy (DOE) recently released a new US Lighting Market Characterization (LMC) that includes lighting installations, total electricity usage, and lumens. The data covers the end of 2015.

The US Department of Energy releases the latest US lighting market features

The last US LMC was released in 2012 and counted data before 2010. However, solid-state lighting (SSL) was just getting started, so the report mainly used the replacement of incandescent lamps for the use of fluorescent lights.

This latest report explains the impact of LEDs on the general lighting market, with LED installations at 8% as of 2015. According to the 2015 data, the electricity consumption for lighting is 64.1 billion kWh, accounting for 17% of the total electricity consumption. Compared with the data in 2012, it reduces the lighting power consumption by 5.9 billion kWh.

The new report also provides an in-depth analysis of the proportion of different lighting markets, including outdoor lighting, residential lighting, commercial lighting, and industrial lighting, of which the proportion of LEDs used in outdoor lighting is up to 23%, up 15% from 2010, followed by commercial lighting. 10%, up 8% from 2010.

Jim Brodrick, head of the DOE SSL program, said that many people would think that with the advent of energy-saving lamps, more lighting will be installed nationwide, which is called the lighting paradox. But Brodrick pointed out that the number of luminaires in the United States from 2010 to 2015 was 500 million, and the reason for its growth was mainly due to “new home users” rather than the original home users.

Overall, LED lighting has made great progress since 2010, with a penetration rate of 8% by 2015, an increase of 7% over 2010.

Waterproof 90 LED Motion Sensor Solar Wall Floodlight

Waterproof 90 LED Motion Sensor Solar Wall Floodlight

Waterproof 90 LED Motion Sensor Solar Wall Floodlight Outdoor Garden PIR Emergency

Waterproof 90 LED Motion Sensor Solar Wall Floodlight Specification:

Operating Mode Infrared Human Body Induction
Charge Time > 8 Hours
Sensing Distance 6-8 Meters

Waterproof 90 LED Motion Sensor Solar Wall Floodlight Features:

  • Densely distributed 118 LED lights provides super bright light with maximum 1000 lumens, meets your lighting and security requirements
  • Absorbs more solar energy in the 2200mAh rechargeable battery from the sun due to the larger solar panel area, convert rate at 17%, enjoy the longer working time that works for up to 500 times in high bright mode
  • Medium-light mode, dim light sensor light mode and sensor mode, press the button on the back of the light to choose the proper mode you want
  • Greater PIR sensor detects people or animals up to 6-8 meters with the maximum angle at 120 degrees, when people walk by, the light will be on in the mode you choose
  • Made of high-impact ABS which can withstand rain, snow, sleet, and other extreme weather conditions

Composition of solar LED street lights

The solar LED street lamp utilizes the photovoltaic effect of the solar cell. During the day, the solar cell absorbs the solar photon energy to generate electric energy, and the electric energy is stored in the battery through the control of the photovoltaic controller. When the night falls or the illumination around the lamp is low, the storage in the battery is stored. The electric energy is supplied to the light source through the control of the photovoltaic controller, and the controller cuts off the light source power after the set time is reached. The solar LED street light consists of the following parts: solar panel, solar LED street light controller, battery pack, light source, light pole, and lamp housing.

Composition of solar LED street lights

1.Solar battery pack

The solar battery pack is the core part of the solar LED street light and the most valuable part of the solar LED street light. Its function is to convert the solar radiation capacity into electrical energy. Among the many solar cells, there are three types of monocrystalline silicon solar cells, polycrystalline silicon solar cells, and amorphous silicon solar cells. In the eastern and western regions where sunlight is abundant, it is better to use polycrystalline silicon solar cells because the production process of polycrystalline silicon solar cells is relatively simple and the price is lower than that of single crystal silicon. In the southern regions where there are more rainy days and less sunshine, it is better to use monocrystalline silicon solar cells because the performance parameters of monocrystalline silicon solar cells are relatively stable.

For silicon solar cells, under standard conditions (spectral illuminance: 100 W/m2, spectrum: AM 1.5, temperature: 25 ° C), its open circuit voltage is 0.48 to 0.6V. A plurality of single-cell solar cells is connected and packaged to form solar cell modules of different areas and different powers, which may also be collectively referred to as solar panels. Monomer solar cells are generally unusable, and practical applications are solar cell modules.

At present, the packaging form of solar cells mainly includes two kinds of lamination process and epoxy process. The solar cell packaged by the lamination process can guarantee the working life of more than 25 years, and the process characteristics and service life are superior to the epoxy packaging form. Regardless of which solar cell has the following five major electrical parameters: short circuit current Isc; peak current Im; open circuit voltage Voc; peak voltage Vm; peak power Pm = Im × Vm.

The peak power of the solar cell is under standard conditions (ie STC: 101 standards defined by the European Commission, radiation intensity 1000W/m2, air quality AM1.5, battery temperature 25°C), maximum power output per unit of solar cell (component), unit peak Watt, or by the symbol Wp. The output power of a solar cell (component) depends on the solar illuminance, the solar spectral distribution, and the operating temperature of the solar cell (component). At different times and in different locations, the output power of the same solar cell is different.

According to the area, the output power per square meter of solar cells is about 120W; as the conversion efficiency increases, the output power increases accordingly. The selection of the output power of the solar cell module is determined according to the power source of the solar lamp, the time of use, and the local climatic conditions.

During the use of the solar cell module, if a solar cell is blocked by a leaf or the like for a long time, the blocked single-chip solar cell will be damaged by heat under strong sunlight, and may even cause damage to the entire solar cell module. It is the so-called heat island effect. In order to prevent the heat island effect, the solar cell is generally placed obliquely so that the surface of the solar cell cannot be attached to the obstruction.

Due to the large latitude span of the north and south of China, the installation angle of the solar cell module varies with the latitude of the installation area. Under normal circumstances, the installation inclination angle of the south of the Yangtze River is about 30 degree; the installation inclination angle of the north of the Yangtze River is about 45 degree; the northeastern region should be about 50 degrees. The direction is positive south or west side 5 degree. Horizontally placed solar cells will reduce their output power by 15% to 20%.

2. Photovoltaic controller

Regardless of the size of the solar luminaire, a good performance charge and discharge controller is essential. In order to extend the life of the battery, its charging and discharging conditions must be limited to prevent overcharging and deep charging of the battery. In places with large temperature differences, qualified controllers should also have temperature compensation. At the same time, the solar controller should have the function of street light control, with light control and time control functions, and should have the function of automatic cutting and controlling load at night, which is convenient for extending the working time of solar LED street lamps in rainy days.

For any solar lighting system, the advantages and disadvantages of the charge and discharge control circuit will directly affect the success or failure of the system application. Since the input energy of the solar photovoltaic power generation system is extremely unstable, in the photovoltaic power generation system, the control of charging the battery is more complicated than the control of charging the battery by the utility charger. A good performance photovoltaic controller should have various protection functions such as controlling battery charge and discharge, temperature regulation, maximum power tracking, and overcharge protection, over discharge protection, short circuit protection, reverse connection protection, and automatic switching and time adjustment functions. The system operates reliably, and the photovoltaic controller also has the function of outputting the maximum power that enables the solar cell module to be intelligent at different temperatures and different solar irradiation conditions, so that the solar photovoltaic system has high efficiency.

3. Battery

Since the battery charging of the solar photovoltaic system is directly provided by the solar battery, the obtained energy is extremely unstable, so it is necessary to configure a battery with reasonable capacity and reliable performance to ensure the normal operation of the solar photovoltaic system. In solar photovoltaic lighting systems, maintenance-free lead-acid batteries are usually used. The maintenance-free lead-acid battery adopts full sealing mode, high discharge rate, and stable characteristics; no need to add water; simple installation, small footprint, horizontal and vertical installation; life expectancy is generally 5-7 years. The general principle of selecting the battery capacity is: firstly enough to meet the night lighting requirements, and can store the energy generated by the solar module during the day as much as possible, while also meeting the electrical energy required for continuous rainy night lighting. The battery capacity is too small to meet the needs of night lighting. The battery capacity is too large, the battery is in a deficient state for a long time, shortening the battery life, and also wasting unnecessary investment.

A simple way to determine the relationship between them, that is, the solar cell power must be more than 4 times higher than the load power, the system can work properly. The voltage of the solar cell should exceed 20~30% of the working voltage of the battery to ensure normal charging of the battery. The battery capacity must be more than 6 times higher than the daily load of the load. The basic requirements for solar LED street lamps for the battery packs used are:

1 low self-discharge rate; 2 long service life; 3 deep discharge capacity; 4 high charging efficiency; 5 less maintenance or maintenance-free; 6 wide operating temperature range; 7 low prices.

4. LED street light head

Since the operating current of the LED is DC, the operating voltage is low. Solar cells convert light energy into DC power, and solar cells can be combined in series and parallel to obtain the actual voltage required. These features just match the LEDs. The combination of the two will achieve high energy efficiency, high safety performance, and reliability, and achieve a perfect combination of energy-saving, environmentally friendly, safe and efficient lighting systems. The LED street light head is shown in Figure 1.

The key to the perfect combination of solar photovoltaic technology with LED lighting is that both are DC, low voltage and can match each other. Therefore, the combination of the two does not need to convert the direct current generated by the solar cell into alternating current, thereby greatly improving the efficiency of the entire lighting system. At the same time, the use of batteries to store and release energy, making its advantages more obvious. With the in-depth study of related technologies, the luminous efficiency of LEDs is constantly improving. The advent of ultra-high-brightness LEDs will inevitably replace ordinary lighting electric light sources and can save a lot of energy and no pollution.

LED lamp has a long life, up to 1000000h, low working voltage, no need for the inverter, high light efficiency, etc., domestically produced is 50lm/W, imported is 80lm/W. As technology advances, the performance of LEDs will increase further. The LED lamp is a new type of lighting method that realizes lighting demand by illuminating LED module with DC low voltage. It has the characteristics of high brightness, good color rendering, etc. In addition, since the input of the LED street lamp is low voltage DC, it can be combined with a solar cell. In combination, LED as a light source for solar LED street lamps will be a trend in the future.

Eco-friendly Solar 3W Waterproof LED Floodlight

Eco-friendly Solar 3W Waterproof LED Floodlight

Eco-friendly Solar 3W Waterproof LED Floodlight is an optimal choice! The compact design presents eye-catching appearance, very decorative, and the light beam is colorful, providing fantastic lighting effect. What’s more, the solar energy design makes it very energy-saving, and it is waterproof to ensure normal working in damp conditions, ideal for outdoor use.

Eco-friendly Solar 3W Waterproof LED Floodlight Specification:

Material Aluminium Alloy
Model YJ-2336
Number of Emitters 30pcs
Power 3W
Voltage 6V
Light Color RGB
Waterproofing Grade IP65
Dimensions (5.35 x 3.74 x 3.03)” / (13.6 x 9.5 x 7.7)cm (L x W x H)
Weight 40.57oz / 1150g

Eco-friendly Solar 3W Waterproof LED Floodlight Features:

  • Solar energy design, very eco-friendly
  • Compact design, highly decorative for landscaping
  • Low power consumption to save you energy
  • Fantastic RGB light, colorful and eye-catching
  • Waterproof to ensure normal working in damp conditions
  • Attached with necessary accessories for quick applying

The US Coast Guard issued a warning: LED luminaires are a potential threat to communication

It is reported that the US Coast Guard has released a maritime security alert on the possibility of interference with certain LED lighting fixtures.

The US Coast Guard issued a warning: LED luminaires are a potential threat to communication

The US Coast Guard stated that crew, ship owners, inspectors, and other seafarers have reported reports of poor VHF frequency reception for radiotelephony, digital selective calling (DSC), and automatic identification systems (AIS) near onboard LED lighting. Such LED lighting fixtures include navigation lights, searchlights and floodlights, indoor and outdoor lights, and decorative (decorative) lighting, as pointed out by the Coast Guard.

Although LED lighting fixtures can be well used in marine vessels, it is known that poorly designed LED lighting systems can cause communication problems. All such lighting shall comply with the FCC regulations on electromagnetic interference. This type of electromagnetic interference is known to cause problems in various communication systems.

It is currently known that radio frequency interference caused by poorly designed LED luminaires may even pose potential safety hazards.

LED navigation lights have also been shown to affect the signals of VHS receivers including AIS. In addition, in some cases, the Coast Guard stated that LED lighting installed near the VHF antenna has been shown to enhance reception. For this reason, the Coast Guard recommends that crew, ship owners, inspectors, and other sailors test their LED lighting fixtures to ensure that it does not interfere with communications.