LED Street Lights

The LED street lighting (also referred to as LED road lighting) is an integrated light-emitting diode (LED) light fixture that is used for street lighting, which can be used for Major Road, sub-major road, High Way, Bridge and all kinds of places where the street lights are needed. 

Eneltec LED Street Light are combined all LED light feature together, like: Economical, Green, Long Life and Environmentally Friendly. Applied with the Best LED Light Source-Cree LED Street Lights, it attains over 90 lm illumination efficiency, accelerated by Professional Unique Optical Lens.  

Integrated Solar LED Street Lights

Integrated Solar LED Street Lights combines with high efficiency solar panel, LEDs, and Lithium battery. It adopts advantage technics such as micro-controller, human infrared sensor and so on and combines with integrated design to achieve multiple features such as low power consumption but high brightness.

TUV Listed LED Street Lights

An elegant new design with ENELTEC 5rd-generation module, more efficient PHILIPS Lumileds3030 LED luminous source and high reliable MEAN WELL HLG series LED driver.

30 Watt - 150 Watt Modular LED Street Lights

An economical new design with ENELTEC Modular LED, more efficient PHILIPS LUMILEDS SMD3030 and high reliable MEAN WELL LED driver.

Solar LED Street Lights

ENELTEC Solar LED Street Lights are combined by LED Street Light, Solar Panel, Controller, Battery, Pole. We use superbright Bridgelux 45mil led chips, >120lm/W; IP66 aluminum housing, high-efficiency crystalline PV module, 12V/24V auto-sensing, 10A; light/time
intelligent control, high-efficient and accurate charging control, solar special use valve-regulated fully, sealed lead-acid battery, deep cycle, free maintenance type, Q235 steel grade pole; hot-dip galvanized and spray coated treatment, Resistant to Wind ≥160KM/H.

TUV Listed COB LED Street Lights

An elegant new design with BRIDGELUX COB LED luminous source and high reliable MEAN WELL LED driver make the products the most cost-effective LED street light available today.


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