Street lighting in Red House Community, Nanyuan Street, Fengtai District, Beijing

“The street lights are on tonight, I’m very surprised! Thanks to the street and the community for caring about the people…” Residents living in Feitengjiayuan Community, Red House Community, Nanyuan Street, Fengtai, looked at the street lights and praised the street and community one after another.

Street lighting in Red House Community

A few days ago, the one-week street lighting project of Feitengjiayuan District, Hongfang Community, Yuan Street, Fengtai South District, Beijing, was fully completed. 92 new LED street lamps were all lit up, which solved the problems of old street lamps and insufficient lighting in the community, allowing residents to return home at night. Traveling at home is safe and secure.

It is understood that the Feitengjiayuan community in the Red House Community of Nanyuan Street was built in 2002. The street lights in the community have been used for more than 20 years. There are common problems such as old light poles and light boxes, aging and damaged lines, light bulbs not working or dim lights, etc., which have affected the community. The appearance of the environment also brings safety hazards to residents’ travel. Replacing lighting street lamps has become a major wish of residents. The Red House Community Party Committee gives full play to the role of grassroots party organizations as “outposts” and “probes”, and collects residents’ wishes and demands in a timely manner through the “collection station for public sentiments”.

“The failure of street lights may seem like a trivial matter, but it is actually a major issue related to the safety of residents’ travel.” said Meng Litao, party secretary of the Red House Community in Nanyuan Street.

Under the guidance of the community party committee and party building, the community neighborhood committee, business committee and property “troika” work in the same direction, resonate at the same frequency, and operate on the same axis. They conduct on-site surveys of the community, check the damage to the lamps, and invite professionals to inspect and evaluate. It was found that in addition to the damage to the lamps, some of the wires of the lighting system were aging and could not continue to undertake the lighting function.

Quick response, high-speed solution. After negotiation, the community party committee decided to launch a special fund for the community party organization to serve the masses, and replace all the lighting and street lights in the community to effectively solve the problem of residents’ “urgency, difficulty, and anxiety”.

“The original lamps were various, some had no lampshade, some were hung by a single thread, some were very dark or not bright… The newly replaced LED street lamps had larger wattage and expanded the lighting range; the density of the original street lamps was set not enough, this time a total of 7 street lights were added on the west side of Building 1, Building 2, Building 12, and the north side of Building 13; the middle area of the two-way lane of the community changed from a single-arm street light to a double-arm street light; the central garden was expanded. There are 6 street lights in the surrounding area, taking into account the lighting of the garden and the roads of the community.” According to Meng Litao, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Red House Community in Nanyuan Street, while updating the street lights, the community has adjusted the style, brightness, and location of the lamps. It is hoped that this small renovation project will It can be done in the hearts of residents.

A street lamp illuminates an inch of land, making it convenient for the masses and warming the hearts of the people. In recent years, Nanyuan Sub-district has adhered to the leadership of party building, based on the actual work, focused on the “urgent, difficult and anxious” issues of the masses, and put the “key little things” that the masses are most concerned about, the most direct and realistic, into the hearts of the masses, and solidly promoted the “I am for the masses” We will continue to strengthen the construction of grass-roots service capabilities, actively carry out various forms of convenient service activities, and strive to improve the happiness, security and satisfaction of the masses.