LED Tubes

ENELTEC LED TUBE SERIES include T5,T8 and T10 LED tubes for different replacement and applications. LED tube Lights are the next generation solution to replace conventional fluorescent lamp. They feature as higher efficiency, more reliability compared to the previous generation. They could be used anywhere, homes, offices, museums, galleries, shop windows, hotels, restaurants, meeting rooms, schools, labs, more important, it's environmentally friendly and energy saving 70%-80% than conventional fluorescent lights. LED Tube have the same data with the traditional fluorescent lamp in the shape, size and calibers, so most of the LED tube can directly replace the original lamp.

Compared with traditional lamps, LED tube brightness is soft and comfortable to make people more friendly to accept, and the LED tube energy saving, has been widely affected the user's attention, are main products to replace the traditional fluorescent lamp. LED Tube installation is very simple, just remove and replace the original fluorescent lamp and ballast and starter, so that 220V AC power can be directly added to both ends of the LED Tube. LED fluorescent lamp energy save up to 80% or more, lamp life are more than 10 times, almost maintenance free, there should always replace the lamp, ballast, starter problems, about six months later, the cost savings can be exchange costs. Semiconductor light sources are light and soft, pure spectrum in favor of workers eyesight and physical health, it is widely used in offices, factories, shopping malls, schools, home and other indoor lighting.

LED Linear Lights

Led Linear Lights are for replacing Lighting Fixtures in 60cm, 120cm, 180cm and 240cm for better energy saving and minimum maintenance cost.

T8 LED Tubes

T8 LED Tubes are for replacing T8 or T10 fluorescent tubes in 60cm, 90cm,120cm and 150cm for better energy saving and minimum maintenance cost.

600mm 1200mm T8 Glass LED Tubes

T8 Glass LED Tubes are using glass cover, which has 330° wide beam angle, no dark area with very cheap cost.

Ballast Compatible T8 LED Tubes

Ballast Compatible T8 LED Tubes,Compatible with Philips,Osram magnetic and electronic ballasts,Save your trouble and labor costs of modification,up-to-date LED tube,Reduce power loss of the ballast to 1-2W.

Microwave Motion Sensor LED Tubes

Microwave Motion Sensor LED Tubes, with Microwave Sensor,Inductive range is 7 meters, after the 40 seconds' Inductive delay time, the power consumption is only 25% of the rating power.

T5 LED Tubes

T5 LED tubes are designed for replacing T5 fluorescent fixture, which can be used in Under counter lighting; Uninterrupted emergency lighting; Task lighting; Interior design uses,like churches,offices or shopping malls.


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