LED Grow Lights

ENELTEC LED Grow Lights have a more than 50,000 hours lifespan, with 2 years warranty, which is much longer than the traditional Grow Lights, saving more than 70% power cost.Eneltec is a Best Place to buy very popular led grow lights with 100 watt 600w led grow light online. This light is much longer lifespan than other traditional lights and also save 70% power cost.

Apollo LED Grow Lights

Eneltec Apollo LED Grow Lights use 3 Watt Power LED Lights, Power consumption 136Watt-725Watt. The color is Mixed Color, 430nm/450nm/610nm/630nm/660nm/850nm, build up Controlled Ecological Life Support System, increasing the speed of Plant Grow by top level led design.


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