Changzhou City and Kunshan City in Jiangsu Province only deploy road lighting system

Recently, Philips Lighting announced that it will deploy the first Philips CityTouch flex intelligent interconnection road lighting system in Changzhou City and Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, to help the wisdom of the two cities.

Changzhou City and Kunshan City in Jiangsu Province only deploy road lighting system

“China’s rapid urbanization has led directly to the increase in urban road lighting, giving birth to intelligent road lighting management and intelligent lighting asset operation and maintenance needs.” Philips Lighting China, general manager of professional channels, said Duan Ming, intelligent Road lighting with near-complete urban coverage and flexible combination of intelligent sensor advantages, so that the wisdom of the city’s perception network can be synchronized with the development of the city to complete the construction and deployment.

Changzhou and Kunshan two cities using the Philips CityTouch flex intelligent interconnection lighting system, respectively, about 230 sets and 1300 sets of Philips LED intelligent street lights. At present, the two projects have entered the installation and commissioning phase, is expected to be completed in August installation and commissioning.

During the second five years, the wisdom of the city is already one of the national key development plan, at present, China has issued three batches of wisdom city pilot, involving more than 500 cities, and has introduced the corresponding plan, plans to invest over one trillion RMB. From the actual results, in the government management, urban transport and medical and other fields, the wisdom of the city has made a more prominent effect.

“Thirteen five” period, with the PPP model in the country continue to promote the use of Internet companies competing to force the wisdom of urban construction, government departments to master the large data resources continue to liberalize, China’s smart city construction process will accelerate. “Twelve Five” period, the wisdom of urban output value will be more than 700 billion RMB, is expected in the “three five” period, the wisdom of urban output value will be more than 4 trillion.

According to the High Industry Research Institute of LED Research (GGII) released data show that the next five years, China’s intelligent city construction will indirectly drive LED outdoor lighting output value of nearly 100 billion RMB.

In recent years, the city public lighting industry has undergone tremendous changes, the downstream leading customers from commercial real estate into local government. According to the data released by Liyad’s 2016 annual report, the revenue ratio of government agency customers and commercial real estate customers in the Leiyard lighting sector in 2014 was 3: 7, and this figure changed in 2015 and 2016. Became 6: 4.

And wisdom +, is also becoming a LED lighting from the traditional simple light functional products, to the high value-added model extension of the breakthrough. Public market, may be preceded by the outbreak of home consumer market.