LED lamp life three often misunderstood parameters

Looking at the current LED indicators, in the general publicity, the most likely to cause misunderstanding there are three indicators, namely, power, life and efficiency. In this issue, we continue to discuss the parameters – life.


Life and power similar to the concept of life commonly used there are three, namely: 1, lamp beads monomer life; 2, the actual application of lamp beads life; 3, drive life. The three life concepts constitute the life of the lamp, and the shortest part of its life determines the life of the lamp.

Here, I would like to explain a common mistake, that is, 50,000 hours of the argument, this statement from ENELTEC, in its official website has a special note, the effect is: ENELTEC find an independent third-party laboratory, according to LM -80 standard measured their lamps; the results, in the “normal conditions of use”, measured after 6000 hours, the lamp life of 50000 hours of the results. ENELTEC also warns that any change in initial conditions or parameters will affect the life of the LED to varying degrees.

Please note this: first, ENELTEC did not give the name of an independent third-party laboratory, so the original record is not open; second, ENELTEC did not give the so-called “normal conditions of use”, please note This condition can be inconsistent with the “daily conditions of use”; Finally, ENELTEC reminded that the initial conditions or changes in parameters will affect the life of LED lamps. From the above description, this experiment is for reference only, not very close, so “50,000 hours of life” one that can not be used as a reliable basis for publicity.

In general, in the case of full heat (here refers to the junction temperature, English writing Tj, 850C in the case of work), LED lamp beads life can reach 35,000 hours. This monomer life and LED in the actual situation of the lamp can be compared. Of course, because the current market, many lamps can not do the so-called “full heat”, that is, often LED lamp beads junction temperature of 950C or 1000C, or even higher case, then the practical application of lamp beads life Shorter. So in general, the actual application of the lamp beads life than the LED single lamp beads life is short, especially in the lighting structure is unreasonable, the heat is not fully protected the case.

Finally, said the LED “hard” problem, is currently on the market mainstream drive life is much lower than the LED lamp beads life. Of course, the nature of the problem is due to the irrational structure of the drive technology, resulting in inefficient, so that the temperature rise is high; due to the technical structure of the temperature distribution is uneven, and thus greatly reduce the LED drive life.

To sum up, these three concepts constitute the life of LED lamps, which is the main constraint is the LED driver life.