Outlook of 2017 global LED industry development

First, from the industry analysis of data, the global LED industry growth momentum will remain unchanged. Analysis of institutions from the analysis of the industry chain in the next volume, 2017, the global LED industry will remain high-speed growth, LED enterprise development will usher in further development momentum.

Outlook of 2017 global LED industry development

1, LED chip promising, 2017 will be in short supply

2016 years ago, LED chip manufacturers have expanded their business, resulting in significant excess capacity, prices continued to decline rapidly, making the LED industry drastic changes. However, since 2016, with the steady growth in demand, LED industry supply and demand relations gradually improved last year, there is a product-intensive price increases.

Experts said, LED industry after a deep reshuffle, the supply side of the reform more fully. It is estimated that by the end of 2017, LED chip production capacity of about 83.28 million effective demand, about 92.35 million. Demand for outdoor full-color display 260 million, an increase of 5%; indoor small spacing demand of 1.02 million, an increase of 50%; mobile phone backlight demand of 1.39 million, the same time, Tablet PC backlighting needs of 440,000, computer and TV backlighting needs of 6.99 million, 1.06 million automotive lighting needs.

The industry believes that, LED chip production capacity is still below demand. Taking into account the steady growth in demand in 2017, LED chips will be in a state of short supply.

2, 2017 China LED packaging capacity continues to strengthen

According to DIGITIMES study found that, in view of LED lighting, large-size LED display and LED automotive lighting a significant growth in demand in 2017, China LED packaging production capacity will continue to grow. As one of the largest LED packaging enterprises in China, the monthly production capacity will increase from 50 billion LED chips in the third quarter of 2016 to 600-700 billion pieces at the end of the year. Month packaging capacity will be further expanded to 15 billion LED chips. Foshan National Star in 2016 will expand the LED packaging capacity of 40%, and will continue to expand in 2017.

3, 2017 LED lighting market size or will reach 33.1 billion US dollars

According to TrendForce “2017 Global Lighting Market Outlook” report shows that 2016 LED lighting market size reached 29.6 billion US dollars, and 2017 LED lighting market will reach 33.1 billion US dollars, LED lighting penetration rate of 52%. According to the analysis, benefit from the regional lighting market development, in 2016 Europe accounted for 23% of LED lighting, followed by North America and China. Looking ahead, the Asia-Pacific lighting market, the fastest growing.