problems of using led grow lights

Currently, more and more lighting products use LED, such as LED lamps, LED Lawn Light, LED spotlights, LED underwater lights, the LED ground lights and so on. While everyone has a better understanding of energy-saving LED light source, long life, no radiation (green light), etc., but several key issues related to LED products (using led grow lights) also need to pay attention:

1, DC constant current power supply
LED products dedicated switching power supply (constant current source)-powered LED products will not affect the life of the product, but the product cost is relatively high.

2, to make anti-static measures
Different level of quality LED products, antistatic aspects are not the same, so the LED products to be used in the production process in the processing of certain anti-static measures: workbench ground, wear anti-static clothing, with anti-static ring with anti-static gloves, a conditional can be installed on anti-static ion fans, but also to ensure that the humidity around 65%, so that the air is too dry to produce static electricity, especially the green LED, it is relatively easier to be damaged by static electricity.
problems of using led grow lights
3, temperature cause the LED internal resistance smaller
When the outside ambient temperature, the LED light (using led grow lights) source resistance will reduce the choice of the constant current source to ensure that the LED current is independent of outside temperature.

4, Sealing of LED products
Used in the outdoor LED products are facing a waterproof, moisture-proof seal, if not handled properly it will directly affect the service life of LED products. Traditional epoxy “watering” way to seal the LED products, this approach is too much trouble, would cause an increase in the weight of the product.

The quality of the LED products currently on the market and the poor, good quality LED light source with high brightness, the light fades, the antistatic ability, long life, but cheaper than the price of a few times. Although some LED lighting project using low-quality low-cost LED light source will not find any problems, but will soon be “incomplete arrhythmia, manufacturers and users not on price” flame “. Selection of affordable, good quality LED light (using led grow lights) source, to ensure the life of the lighting project.