How to identify the quality of LED panel light

Due to energy saving, high luminous efficiency, long life and other characteristics, LED panel light are more and more widely accepted by consumers and affordability, but domestic LED lighting market in different ways, different quality of goods, and have a large number of defective products on the market, for the average consumer, how to distinguish between good and bad quality of goods, quality assurance to buy qualified LED lighting commodity? God Bless the light to lead us into doubt.

How to identify the quality of LED panel light

LED lamps during the examination of the quality of common questions sulfide, chemical incompatibility, dead lights and the light fades. If it is cured and chemical incompatibility of the lamp to check the material for investigation, to identify suspicious materials, do the validation experiments confirmed that the material is not harmful to the light source lamps. If it is dead lights and bad light, LED panel lights, etc. should all fixtures failure to check to find out reasons for the failure. To determine if LED lighting is not qualified in two ways: The first is a reliability test, through thermal shock, environmental simulation to determine lighting quality, but this approach a long time period (3-6 months), expensive also find no real reason. The second is data determination method determines the quality of goods and materials from the point of view to find shortcomings.

First, from the lamps in appearance, the appearance should be no cracks between loose and interfaces are prized. During the installation, open process, the cap should not be loose or tilted appearance, light plastic case it is necessary to choose engineering plastics flame-retardant, good quality information on their similar appearance frosted texture. The general appearance of the plastic than the smooth, shiny, easy to deform and flammable but is prohibited for lamps produced.

Then touch the lamp temperature ,, LED lamps in the normal operating state, the temperature should be relatively low, if the heat is not good condition, lamp beads at high temperature operation, the lamp body will be hot, light will be great, the lamp life It will be greatly reduced. Together, the lamps lit and closed quickly if presented flashing, also stated that there are quality questions.

Then, listen to the sound LED lights when operating. Electromagnetic compatibility is necessary after electrical items, however, this inspection very messy project, when users purchase the lamp depends on the package is not there after the national symbol of the electromagnetic compatibility test. It is possible through a simple little experiment to determine, with a short-wave radio, the LED lights for time, turn the radio on the adjacent lower received radio noise, electromagnetic compatibility test lamp clarify better the environment in silence in listening to the sound LED lamps job, and if we can very clearly hear the sound operation of the lamp, the lamp also illustrates the quality is not good.

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