3ft LED T8 Tube Natural White

3ft LED T8 Tube Natural White

3ft LED T8 Tube Natural White  is a great energy-efficient replacement for existing fluorescent T8 tube installations.  Cut down on your overall energy consumption with this simple, high-quality replacement.

3ft LED T8 Tube Natural White Specification:

  • 13W
  • 908mm Length
  • 1300lm (Frosted Lens), 1400lm (Clear Lens)
  • Input Voltage: AC100~240V, 50/60HZ
  • CRI: Ra80~82
  • Power Factor: >0.93
  • Efficiency: >0.86
  • Beam Angle: >120
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Operation Temperature: -20ºC to 40ºC
  • Storage Temperature: -40ºC to 85ºC


There are 2 type of ballast: one is electronic ballast, the other is inductive ballast. If the ballast is inductive, please change the traditional starter into the led starter. Installation diagram below:

1) Shut down the main power
2) Remove the conventional tube
3) Remove the starter
4) Insert LED starter to the place where you place the starter
5) Insert LED Tube into the lamp holder and secure the position by turning the lamp by 90°
6) Open the main power and finish the change process