Avoid purchasing cheap LED lighting to save money

LED lighting market was mixed , product quality varies greatly, which gives ordinary consumers to buy LED products caused a misunderstanding . With LED products , the price difference is very big .

Avoid purchasing cheap LED lighting to save money

In this regard , ENELTEC said consumers should try to avoid choosing LED lighting product price is too low , because some companies will use inferior components ways to reduce production costs in order to achieve low-cost competition. Poor quality LED products in this category , its life and energy efficiency will be greatly reduced and, therefore, difficult to help consumers save energy and money-saving effect. Especially for hotels, shopping malls and other commercial establishments , if the choice of the poor quality of the LED light source , saving not only could not achieve the desired effect , but also because of the need to maintain frequent power cuts , and other factors lead to higher replacement cost , even may result in additional operating losses.

High quality LED products can really help consumers achieve ” provinces” , or ” power, money , peace of mind .”

The first is ” saving ” , low-cost low-quality LED products with low light efficiency, the light fades fast , impossible to achieve energy saving effect, and high-quality LED products than the average of at least 50% of the energy- saving fluorescent lamps .

Followed by ” money” , low-cost low-quality LED products are energy saving effect can not be achieved , and the poor quality , short life, require frequent maintenance and replacement , but consumers will spend more money wasted. The high-quality LED products to energy saving and maintenance costs through the province , the real ” money” purposes.

Finally, the “peace of mind ” , home users or, malls hotels and other commercial users or, maintenance, replacement lamps are a great thing to worry about . In today’s stubbornly high labor costs , maintenance costs, lighting products bring greatly enhanced. The high-quality LED products , buy long-term use without frequent repair and replacement , easy to achieve real peace of mind .