China LED lighting products Consumer Survey

The second round of Chinese lighting products consumer behavior survey results show that the impression of the brand Philips lighting products ranked first, Op and NVC was the best performing local brands. The survey also shows the use of the LED lights have increased dramatically compared to 2013, rising from 24% to 40%.

China LED lighting products Consumer Survey

A survey shows that the concentration of the limitations of the Chinese lighting market and the brand is relatively high, mainly in several international big (Philips, Panasonic, OSRAM, TCL, Samsung, etc.) and the Chinese mainland veteran (NVC, ENELTEC etc.).

Philips’ market performance of which the most outstanding, accounting for the brand image and visibility of more than 50% in the market share and consumer appeal rankings also ranked first. In addition, Op and NVC Lighting brands as deep plowing and other traditional lighting industry, taking specialization course, it also has a better brand performance.

However, consumer brand loyalty is not high, greater mobility, coupled with Chinese lighting market is large and growing share of fast, so you can still help to increase lighting manufacturers branding and image-building efforts to effectively enhance their brand awareness degrees.

In the cognitive part of the lighting, the current energy-saving lamps is still the mainstream market, but with the gradual increase in the permeability of the LED lighting in the home, compared with 2013, 2014 LED consumers identify and awareness has greatly enhance and improve the utilization rate from 24% to 40%, showing that its future market potential.