Cree promote USD8 LED lamp with 27 years lifespan

LED bulbs can be accepted by consumers, because commitment to “life will be longer than ordinary light bulbs 20–25 years of a great relationship.” Although this commitment is very beautiful, but the high price of LED bulbs are also some people unbearable.

Cree promote USD8 LED lamp with 27 years lifespan

Recently, LED upstream chip maker Cree has introduced a life of 27 years (approximately 30,000 hours) and is priced at just $ 8 (about 51 yuan) LED bulbs. This life is only 1,000 hours compared to traditional bulb life almost doubled 30 times. Meanwhile Cree executive said: “Although this bulb look with traditional bulbs and no different, but are greatly improved in terms of energy saving or life on no doubt, it would be better LED bulbs..”

In addition to energy-saving and life has improved greatly beyond, this new LED bulbs also will be optimized display color, color rendering index of up to 83. And have omnidirectional light distribution in line with the Energy Star certification, using most standard dimmers, dimming can be fully applied to the closure.

It is reported that after the installation of this LED bulb, which may be substituted at 2700K and 5000K warm white daylight respectively 40W, incandescent and produces 460lm 60W, can produce 815lm incandescent. Preliminary estimates energy savings of up to 85%.

Even to give users increased confidence to buy, Cree official said that this product has no reason to refund guarantee. If this LED bulbs are not satisfied, then you can directly refund.