led display lighting cost in top 10

LED display prices mainly by the price of the screen body, control systems, computer audio amplifier class construction.
Screen control system is provided by a professional led display lighting (yuan / square meter, the control system based on the size of the screen body), a penny a cargo, it is recommended that customers choose their led lighting products, do not just look price.
The price structure of the civil foundation works earthwork excavation backfill, concrete, steel and other materials and machinery, and labor costs. This part of the offer is based on volume of earthwork, concrete offer units / square steel weight to offer units that yuan / ton, the construction of an artificial number of days for the offer, that $ / man-days. The general valuation unified reinforced concrete volume pricing, can be estimated at between 1000-1500, the volume then the price lower. The volume of civil foundation experience and the upper part of the screen body area roughly equal, for example, about 40 square screen is usually the basis of volume of about 40 square, the actual design parameters need professional design institute.

The price structure of the steel frame of steel materials, steel re-processing, welding artificial, auxiliary materials costs. Steel materials and reprocessing of materials are quoted by weight to offer units that yuan / ton, welded manually by the number of days to offer units that yuan / man-days.
General valuation can be unified for the weight of the steel pricing, namely yuan / ton. Steel materials are generally in the 5500-7000 yuan / ton (based on market price adjustment), plus like in 1000-1500 yuan / ton (depending on the method of reprocessing adjustment), welding artificial general in 2000-3500 yuan / ton, auxiliary materials 500 yuan / ton, so that the general steel structure construction in 9000-11000 yuan / ton (without reprocessing).

led display lighting project a general framework for the weight estimate in accordance with 0.15 t / m, if this is the column installation, cylinder, estimated in accordance with 0.4 t / m, the two-pillar to redouble. The price structure of the outdoor decoration decorative materials, decorative artificial, auxiliary materials costs. Decorative materials, auxiliary materials offer is the area to offer units that yuan / square meter, the the decorative artificial by the number of days to offer units that yuan / man-days. The general valuation can be unified area of ​​pricing as a decorative material, namely yuan / square meter. Aluminum composite panel (double-sided) decorated general in the 450-650 yuan / square meter.
led display lighting  like a hexahedron, as long as the calculation of all of its surface area minus the display area of ​​the decorative area, plus 15% of the processing loss is the last area. , The strength of electrical wiring project the cost of cable, pipeline trunking, the installation of the pipeline trunking, actinomycetes artificial price structure. Cable, pipeline trough its installation are the length of the quoted unit that yuan / m, actinomycetes manual is based on the number of days for Quote units / man-days. General valuation can be unified for the wiring length, due to the ray tube, trunking price specification more different installation methods, this part of the offer is difficult to experience statistics, only the actual calculation, this line in the actual project pipeline slots generally weak project The cloth has been good, and if their construction only in accordance with the actual calculation. More strong electrical cable specifications, the market price changes, large cross-section of the cable by the Party as far as possible in advance cloth in place. Weak cable, the general valuation of the core network lines to 4 yuan / root meters, the General Valuation of shielded flexible cord / root meters, fiber optic general valuation / m. For each optical fiber ends also need to increase the other $ 2000.