LED indoor lighting should note the following five aspects of development

LED in outdoor lighting project has been very popular , but in the application of indoor lighting project was at an early stage , this is because the cost is too high lumen factor , on the other hand also because LED indoor lighting product range too lighting designers suffer no choice but to promote the indoor lighting products obstacle. Personal opinion , LED interior lighting products development and promotion should focus on the following five areas:

  1 , product series

Used in indoor lighting the traditional lamp can be described as numerous , downlights, spotlights, grid lamps, lanterns and chandeliers and other components of the commercial lighting and home lighting two fields , leading the direction of the interior lighting , which is currently used in indoor lighting the major products are LED Cup LED lights , LED floor tiles and other decorative lighting, other common applications of traditional lighting LED light source is rare , but it is no doubt a huge potential market , with the raising and lowering the price of LED light efficiency , who is the first to develop a series of products , will seize the market opportunities.

LED indoor lighting should note the following five aspects of development

  2, product integration, intelligence

One of the biggest advantages of LED is easy to control. Cluster control and can , in some occasion demands programmability , LED intelligent products can provide a range of solutions that includes a three-color LED and LED products intelligent microprocessor configured to run DMX512 protocol over Ethernet , which provides for the intelligent management of indoor lighting and convenient , you can also use LED fade due to high input costs led to the initial disadvantage .

  3, the product of human

Lighting , after a series of evolution after , is slowly becoming a fashion , humane lighting products become the people’s choice , and LED small size, unlike conventional light bulb there , and the light is easy to control , in humanized appearance design lamps LED lighting manufacturers give unlimited space to play.

  4 , increase the flux utilization, maximize the reduction of the cost of a comprehensive lighting

Although not as high in some traditional LED light source luminous efficiency, but due to strong directional LED light source , high availability , so long as the reasonable optical processing to maximize the use of its luminous flux, illuminance aspect , LED function can be achieved lighting requirements .

Under the same conditions , and 35W halogen illumination test 3WLED Cup . Within three meters of the center of the illumination LED light source much higher than halogen Cup , in practical applications , commonly used in a range of lighting lamp cup 1-3 meters from the figure can easily see 3WLED significantly better lighting effects light cup 35W halogen Cup , mainly because there is no good use halogen lamp luminous flux .

  5 , to solve the high-power LED cooling technology to maximize the power LED light failure delay

High-power LED is a direction for future development of the LED industry , currently because of its high light efficiency and superior lumen maintenance and become the major manufacturers to develop competing products , but higher power LED technology for cooling requirements , the ambient temperature reaches certain limit will soon produce the light fades , a direct result of the decrease in LED lifetime , currently only a small amount of 1W and 3W high power LED used in the market, and 5W and 10W high power LED still stays in the laboratory stage . Only by addressing power LED cooling technology to maximize the delay LED light failure , to a large area of ??the promotion of high-power LED applications.