LED sports lighting market welcomes opportunities

Although the China Stadium Facilities Forum during the 2018 Sports Expo was held in a relatively small venue, it can accommodate less than 200 people, but this does not affect the general manager of the seven continents, Zhang Feihu, to tell and explore professional LED sports lighting for the audience. – The commercial beauty of this subdivision venue facility market.

LED sports lighting market welcomes opportunities

In 1962, when General Electric scientist Nick Hollognac developed the world’s first red-emitting diode, a new era of lighting history was opened. This diode, which emits a faint light, began to emit white light after the continuous efforts of future generations. Due to the use of semiconductor materials, this lamp can be as small as a few millimeters. More importantly, it is not as dazzling as incandescent lamps, has a longer life span, and its efficiency is 80%-90%, which is gradually evolved and iterated. LED lights coming out.

For a country with a large population like China, energy issues are always the number one issue. Encouraged by the national policy, the LED lighting industry has formed a complete industrial chain from production to manufacturing to packaging in the early 1990s.

In 2008, Zhang Feihu, general manager of Seven Continents, saw the business opportunities that LED lighting and sports combined. So decided to accurately position the company’s market strategy in the field of sports lighting.

The facts are not unexpected. In the past ten years, with the enhancement of awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection and the improvement of TV broadcasting, enhancing the experience of fans and reducing the demand for long-term operating costs, LED sports lighting has gradually become a common choice for sports venues around the world. The seven continents that have been deeply involved in the field of LED sports lighting have also gained the trust of major sports organizations at home and abroad. They have become the designated lights for the 23rd Asian Table Tennis Championships, the designated lamps for the CBA Foshan Dragon and Lions team, and the International Tennis Federation. Designated lamps, FIFA two-star venue cooperation lights, recommended swimming lights for the China Swimming Association, and designated lights for the International Women’s Tennis Association.