Signify cooperates with the New York State Power Authority to transform more than 500,000 sets of street lights

Signify recently announced its cooperation with the New York State Electricity Authority (NYPA) to support the state’s promotion of the New York State Smart Street Light Project. The project was proposed by Governor Andrew Cuomo in early 2018 and is committed to energy-saving retrofits of more than 500,000 sets of street lights in the state with sustainable alternatives.

Signify cooperates with the New York State Power Authority to transform more than 500,000 sets of street lights

Through this project, the New York State Power Authority provides financial, logistics, technical, and information support for cities that want to upgrade their street lighting systems. With the help of smart interconnected LED street lights and Signify’s Interact City IoT lighting system, cities can reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions and make cities more livable. Since the start of the project, more than 50,000 sets of LED street lights have been installed or are being installed.

In addition, as an important part of the project, the New York State Power Authority has designed an innovative financial model to provide low-interest loans for the upgrade of lighting systems in various cities and purchase lighting assets from local equipment vendors. Signify is not only the technology provider for this project but also a trusted advisor and strategic partner for the New York State Power Authority and cities.

“In addition to illuminating the roads, road lighting systems are also an indispensable part of the construction of smart cities. The application of smart interconnected LED lighting systems can not only reduce electricity and maintenance costs, but also give full play to the value-added benefits of the lighting system.” President and CEO Gil Quiniones said.

Rochester street lighting project leader Abebe Woldemariam gave a positive evaluation of Interact City. “The platform provides more possibilities for city management and maintenance,” he said. “With Interact City, we can remotely monitor the system through the central panel to quickly identify maintenance needs. If any problems occur, the system will proactively notify the administrator. Solving the problem before it affects the normal life of the residents. This is great.”

According to the introduction, the municipal management department can install various sensors on the smart connected street lights under the jurisdiction of Interact City to improve the quality of urban life and management level. By loading tilt detection, vibration and noise sensors on smart interconnected street lights, municipal management departments can maintain street lights and light poles in time, identify areas that need noise reduction measures, and protect roads and drivers. Interact City’s open application interfaces (APIs) can share the information collected by sensors with the information systems of the fire brigade, medical rescue and other emergency agencies to help them respond more quickly. In addition, signify’s BrightSites and other smart light poles can also be used as access points for mobile phone networks and wireless networks (Wi-Fi), or provide charging for electric vehicles.