60 courtyard lights in Fengxian District, Shanghai were officially switched on

With the development and construction of the Daju area, the number of new residents has also increased, and the citizens’ demand for nighttime gardens has become very urgent. In September, residents living in several communities near Huixian Yayuan, Jinhui Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai reported to the District Greening and City Appearance Bureau that there were no lighting facilities in the public green spaces near the communities, which caused a lot of inconvenience to night exercise, and they hoped to add more lighting facilities. After receiving feedback from citizens, the Green Appearance Bureau attached great importance to the lighting and quickly arranged for dedicated personnel to conduct on-site inspections.

60 courtyard lights in Fengxian District, Shanghai were officially switched on

It is understood that the green space on this site has been built for a long time, and there are nearly 1,000 meters of greenways in the green space. Lighting was not considered during the construction, and no power interface was reserved, which made it more difficult to turn on the lights. In order to quickly and effectively solve the problem of citizens visiting the park in the dark at night, relevant departments have communicated and coordinated with the power department many times, actively strived for special financial funds, determined the lighting plan, and accelerated the construction progress.

At present, 60 courtyard lights have been installed in the green space, and they were officially turned on on the evening of September 28, effectively meeting the needs of citizens for visiting the park at night and making it safer to visit the park.

“Now that the lighting is installed, it is bright when visiting the park at night. It is very pleasant to have a good meal and take a walk at night.” Since the lighting in the park was installed, citizens and friends who rest and exercise in the park are very satisfied.

We will always focus on the urgent, difficult and anxious issues of the people by asking the people for their needs and advice, further strengthen the maintenance and management of green spaces, improve the service functions of green spaces, effectively meet the people’s gardening needs, and enhance the people’s access to thematic education sense and satisfaction.