Simmtronic and Mackwell collaborate on emergency lighting and control technology

Advances in LED performance have driven very compact emergency lighting solutions. The partnership has been crafted with expertise in their respective fields to create unparalleled designs that deliver unprecedented value to end users and solution installers.

Simmtronic and Mackwell collaborate on emergency lighting and control technology

The partnership marks the launch of the “Universal Sensor with Integrated Emergency Light”, a configuration that combines Simmtronic’s market-leading sensor technology with Mackwell’s XY-Fi emergency module (the world’s smallest emergency luminaire and is recently won the Electrical Industry Award of the Year).

By combining emergency lighting and a PIR sensor in a single enclosure, significant savings in money, time, and labor can be achieved in the field due to reduced clutter, installation costs, project programming, and cleaner space aesthetics.

The solution includes a range of single-point mounting solutions for three different types: flush, surface, and boom. The designs are aesthetically matched and physically integrated with the existing Simmtronic control sensor design and installation.

UK manufacturers Mackwell and Simmtronic are both available for site visits, demonstrations, and training. Simmtronic also offers assembly services.

“We have been trying to combine the two technologies into one combined product for years, as the presence detectors are spaced similar to standalone emergency light fittings. This was not possible until Mackwell released the new small LED emergency light fittings, but now I am pleased to confirm that by working together we have taken it to the next level and set a new standard – creating the only combined emergency lighting sensor,” said Mario Costanzo, Director of Simmtronic. “It’s a powerful tool with simple solutions and we can’t wait to introduce it to the UK’s architecture and engineering community.”

“We are proud of this innovation because we realized that the XY-Fi optics are perfectly matched to the Simmtronic sensor optics and therefore have the same spacing in the building,” said Mackwell Commercial Director Rene Joppi. “The best of both worlds in one installation.”

The partnership will also ensure that Simmtronic’s DALI automated emergency testing solutions work in tandem with Mackwell’s range of emergency illuminators, exit signs, and OEM conversion solutions, ensuring full compatibility between the company’s products.