what is led light bulbs from Eneltec?

LED means light-emitting diode, and the development of a semiconductor component has generally as an indicator, display boards, but as technology increases, has been able to be used as a light source, it can not only efficiently directly into electrical energy into light energy. what is led light bulbs from Eneltec?

With the emergence of the white LED Lamps with more technology import in the indicator of household appliances and notebook computers, automotive fog light, interior lighting and other lighting equipment and burgeoning, LED application is becoming increasingly common.

what is led light bulbs from Eneltec?

In 1955, Radio Corporation of America, the Rubin, Braunstein, discovered infrared radiation effect of GaAs and other semiconductor alloys in 1962, Nick Holonyak, Jr., GE’s to develop visible light LED. However, the LED really take off the white LED in the 1990, began to gradually attach importance to the increasingly wide application of surface. what is led light bulbs from Eneltec?

LED is an electrical energy into light of the electronic parts, and at the same time have the characteristics of the diodes is to have a positive and a negative, most particularly the LED is only from the positive power is luminous, it is generally given when the direct current, the LED street light will be a steady light, but if connected to AC power, the LED will show a flashing pattern, shiny frequency based on the frequency of the AC input. LED light-emitting principle is applied voltage, electrons and holes in the semiconductor combination, the energy release in the form of light.  LED is known as the century and the new light source, because the LED with a point light source and solid-state light source features that save energy, high-shock, long life, fast response, small size, and color saturation and high.

Because of the different photon energy has also generated with the different materials of the LED manufacturing industry through manufacturing materials to control the LED light wavelengths, and thus produce a variety of LEDs with different spectral and color.

what is led light bulbs from Eneltec?Environmental stance as well as energy conservation demands of governments around the world attaches great importance to the economic and energy efficiency of the LED high bay with energy saving lamps, and manufacturers are optimistic about the revolution in lighting business opportunities and have invested. The use of a phased ban on incandescent light bulbs in addition to the EU and the U.S. Congress, Canada announced a complete ban incandescent light bulbs in 2010, the majority of states, including California, USA, but also in the 2012 ban on incandescent bulbs, Australia announced in 2010 a total ban on selling incandescent light bulbs, China, Japan also has LED incentive programs in the planning.